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JAN 03

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Hot Bodies to Heat New Office Building

Want to buying viagra in mexico keep your house warm without your furnace? A 30-person dance party is pretty much the only way to do discount drug propecia it. By the end of the we like it buy canada in levitra evening, you'll be opening windows.

Now imagine that your house is Stockholm Central Station, where 125,000 hot bodies hustle to and order viagra usa from their commutes every day. All that body heat has traditionally been somewhat of a nuissance. But now, the city of Stockholm is actually going to capture the body heat and use it to heat a nearby office building.

Apparently the system is fairly simple. Just a bunch of pipes that will collect the heat, and pump it out of the too-warm train station and into a new office building being built nearby. Body heat from Stockholm Central Station will provide roughly 20% of the heat for the new building. For a system that will only cost about $30,000 to build, it's a no-brainer for the City of Stockholm.

Via Physorg

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written by Kate, January 05, 2008
Thats an amazing concept! smilies/shocked.gif
written by joel, January 07, 2008
teach me to dance I'm there !!!
written by Shauna, January 07, 2008
What an awesome idea. Great friendly AND saving money...fits right into my latest blog.

Shauna smilies/grin.gif
Great Idea, but...
written by Jim, January 11, 2008
How do you eliminate the smell?

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