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DEC 31

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"If this start wind speed is 1.5m/s. This generator will be a huge prog..."

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Amazing Wind Turbine Construction Video


Just had to share this amazing video with all of you. That's what it takes to pull six megawatts out of thin air...


Via TreeHugger

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written by Sharkles, December 31, 2007
Wow, that is such an awesome video. Thanks for sharing! :)
Wow - That's a lot of work!
written by Dannah, January 02, 2008
Very cool video. I never realized how much work it took to get one of those giant turbines in the air. Incredible.

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wind generator
written by nikki, June 01, 2010
If this start wind speed is 1.5m/s. This generator will be a huge progress in small wind turbine industry. Whether it is as good as they say. It need the test of time.

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