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DEC 23

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Carectomy Week in Review

While here at EcoGeek we still celebrate advances in automotive technology, our friends at take somewhat of a harder line. Carectomy is a resource for people who want to remove cars from their lives, and here's a sampling of this week's Carectomy stories.

Who Killed the Streetcars?

In the 1920s most people traveled by trolley and wow)) buy xanax online streetcar: One in ten were automobile owners. 88% of people polled after World War II wanted the streetcar lines expanded. GM, however, had other ideas.

London Makes Way for Car-Free "VIPs"

While Americans cruise crowded parking lots like buzzards, vying for the spot closest to the entrance, holiday shoppers in London’s West End are taking to the streets--and leaving their cars at home. The result: a dramatic increase in business in this European shopping Mecca.

The Bicycle Kitchen Cooks Up Two-Wheeled Success

Los Angeles’ Bicycle Kitchen is more than a bike shop. It’s a political movement. The nonprofit organization teaches people how to fix their own bikes and offers stands and tools to customers at an incredibly low rate. Their mission is to click now rx generic viagra get people out of their cars and to start using more pedal power – no easy task in southern California.

Boston Cars in Snow: Going Nowhere

The snowstorms that have been hammering the levitra canada overnight northeastern U.S. have made one thing clear: bad weather makes travel by car a losing enterprise. In Boston’s case, what made a recent weekday commute particularly atrocious wasn’t the severity of the storm – it was people’s reliance on their automobiles, an impractical transportation solution.

Trains in Snow: A Winter Video Celebration

In stark contrast to the hard time cars have in deep snow, we feature some videos of trains plowing through snow so deep they need to be seen to be believed. Keeping a fixed track clear of course requires a lot less infrastructure than clearing all of the streets in a city and its surrounding ‘burbs.

Blazing Saddles: Brighten Your Bike with X-Mas Lights

Celebrate this holiday season with some glowing, two-wheeled cheer. Bringing holiday lights to a nighttime bike ride is as easy as stringing them up and plugging in a small, portable battery. As an added bonus, it’s hard for any cars to miss seeing you out on the road! We offer some cool images and links to visit our site buy levitra online from canadacheap levitra tablets specific instructions and look here viagra headaches suppliers.

Play That Funky Music, Bike Boy

A cutting-edge group of Berlin musicians have employed an unconventional instrument to add spunk to their signature sound. Ekkehard Windrich, a violinist with the group Kammerensemble Neue Musik (KNM) Berlin, impressed a New York audience last month when he strummed the spokes of a bicycle wheel with all the beauty and grace of a harpist. Windrich opened the concert by accompanying contemporary classics, like composer Stefan Bartling’s “Mit Namen” and “Randnotiz,” with the spinning bicycle wheel.

SF Bike Plan Halted, but Cyclists Keep the generic propecia 5mg Faith

Bikers in San Francisco are beginning to think it will take an act of God to pass the city’s proposed Bicycle Plan, which calls for city-wide improvements in bike transit. The plan has been in the works since 1997, and proposes new bike lanes, new bike parking, and space for bikes on San Francisco’s Municipal Railroad metro trains, like the B.A.R.T. and Muni.

Door to Door with Your eGo Intact

The eGo electric scooter may be a wonderful weapon in the carectomy patient’s arsenal. The plug-in vehicle slashes emissions and offers commuters point-to-point convenience. The eGo is purpose-built for short trips, which are the most environmentally damaging when done by car.

Critical Mass or Critical Mess?

Critical Mass, the anarchistic monthly bike ride that takes place monthly throughout the world, got its start in San Francisco fifteen years ago. The last Friday of every month, cyclists congregate at a predetermined location and take to the streets. It’s part political statement, vying for cyclists’ rights; part bike-party; and a good dash of chaos that some times leads to clashes with motorists. Is this a vehicle for change or a disservice to cyclists?

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written by GDAEman, December 24, 2007
Great last name. Really fits.

Thanks for your Nerdfighter Project Awsome Project.... er...

I'll be contributing soon, or the dirty tennis ball and Earth will be, but I must first ramp up my video and animation skills.... that's what holidays are for, right?
written by Katie(bo-baity), December 25, 2007
I think polls are pretty sweet-I wouldn't mind walking more, however you'd think you'd freeze if we had like-A BLZARD (from Maine).

Hank, your last name really fits you&your brother.

Project Awesome rocked!!!!! Can't wait to see what you post NEXT on here!!!! Good luck with the er.....concert. *crosses fingers* break a leg (ya know...not literally)

by the way-Trolley's are pretty darn cool smilies/smiley.gif

written by The Geek, December 26, 2007
I would love to use public transport more but, were I live is very rural and what little public transport we have pretty much useless unless you have tons of get cialis in canada extra time on your hands. When I was going to college I used the bus all the time even when I had a car.
ho ho ho, grease the tracks!
written by timmy green, December 26, 2007
I would totallysmilies/grin.gif love to ride the rails more often. I often take BART and the T to get around. Bring us good public transit and SCREW the american car companies! Unless they get into the train business. Hm... ROWR! smilies/cool.gif
written by annie, December 27, 2007
Nice photographs, it’s fun to find out what you’re up to. I’m always excited when you post. You have very impressive blog,..that's great.

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