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NOV 29

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"Yeah, before I buy a video game system, I'm going to see what Greenpea..."

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Nintendo Scores First Ever "ZERO" In Greenpeace Guide

Greenpeace has released its updated Guide to buy cialis overnight Greener Electronics and, ohhhh...Nintendo...not doing so well. In fact, Nintendo has received the first score of absolute zero that Greenpeace has ever handed out.

It's almost as if, as soon as I really start to like a company's products, GreenPeace just HAS to slam them. But the effects of levitra professional story behind Nintendo's 'zero' has a lot more to do with the way it reports its practices than its actual practices. The Wii might not have any brominated flame retardants in it...but Nintendo has no policy against using BFRs and doesn't report whether or not it does.

However, Nintendo isn't green enough for me. The Wii is good choice ordering levitra online a power sipper compared to the 360 and the PS3, but Nintendo has no recycling program, doesn't have any third party accountability for its supply chain and cheapest levitra wouldn't give Greenpeace any information on the majority of scoring criteria. Chances are, Nintendo will score a lot better in the next round, as they will succumb to Greenpeace's marketing power and actually spill the beans on their practices.

Other big stories in this quarter's guide: Dell is losing ground to Sony, who threatens their spot as the cheap cialis soft greenest major computer manufacturer. Also, Sony is kicking Nintendo and Microsoft's asses. Nokia had a huge drop as Greenpeace found toxics, and their tackback policies in developing nations turned out to be a lot weaker than they'd reported.

To read more about the guide...check out their ridiculously detailed website...with PDFs on every single company listed.

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Greenpeace and Nintendo now communicatin
written by Adam Hartley, November 29, 2007
There's a lot more to this story than meets the eye - seems Greenpeace failed to get in touch with NCL Japan and/or someone at NCL Japan failed to return some important calls and emails -
Somewhat disingenuous
written by Daniel, November 29, 2007
Not having information on something isn't the same as giving negative information. Giving Nintendo a score of zero based on a lack of generic levitra sample information is pretty disingenuous in my book.
Greenpeace having a tantrum?
written by Space, November 29, 2007
Looks like someone at Greenpeace had a tantrum and decided to give zeros just because Nintendo didn't bother to communicate with them.
Giving them zero is just misinformation.
If they don't know, they should admit it instead of giving a zero.
written by Space, November 29, 2007
So basically Nintendo is guilty until proven innocent.
Guilt till Proved Innocent
written by Hank, November 29, 2007
I see where you guys are coming from, but if Nintendo refuses to talk to Greenpeace, then they have no accountability in this guide. So either greenpeace had to not include them...forever...or they had to make a statement. The good news is that Greenpeace and Nintendo are now talking...which wouldn't have happened if they hadn't included Nintendo in the guide.
Greenpeace is a ZERO
written by Carl, November 29, 2007
Maybe when the Japanese Whalers harpoon the Greenpeacenicks, will these goofballs realize ... They mean NOTHING!
written by jim billy Bob, November 29, 2007
I will make sure to viagra on women nuy Nintendo since i do not believe in anything the greenpeace neo nazis stand for. I will make sure i burn my fireplace tonight and very night too just in case somebody can't because of their fascist political views.
Have to agree...
written by Pedro, November 29, 2007
The above posters are right; it looks like Greenpeace is laying into Nintendo with precious little in the way of substance, grading them mostly on their lack of green PR and general tight-lippedness. I also imagine recycling is a non-issue for many gamers by virtue of the thriving used games market (Gamestop is making money hand over fist these days). I'll grant you, though, it would be nice to get some direction from Nintendo proper on that front.

This Ars article also does a good job of examining some of the unanswered questions behind Greenpeace's headline-grabbing move:
Greenpeace Idiots
written by Brian Green, November 30, 2007
I can't believe Greenpeace would consider a lack of information to be an automatic negative. Many businesses do not share data with organizations simply because they ask for it. Many businesses have strong non-disclosure policies in place preventing issue of cheapest viagra prices licensed pharmacies data in regard to manufacturing procedures and viagra prescription only processes. The absence of a "green proclamation" can be in no way characterized as flagrant environmental disregard (which a zero on their so-called scale would properly indicate).

As for recycling, I'd press Greenpeace to establish a bona fide need for recycling before they start screaming about it. The Wii just came out and the Game Cube hasn't been out too terribly long. I did with my Game Cube what countless others did...I passed it down to a younger brother! There's your recycling program Greenpeace! Comparing consoles to viagra 50 mg tablets other recyclables is ignorant at best and foolish regardless.

Do us all a favor and pretend that you're all partially educated and aware that we're not going to accept a rating system you developed as gospel just because you say it is.

Then again, I've never agreed with their system to begin with so their opinion (and that's all it is) remains irrelevant to my purchases.
Good for Greenpeace!
written by Terre, November 30, 2007
If a politician refused to state his position, he would be a zero in voters minds. Why does a business have to disclose anything? They don't, but if they don't, they run the wow look it viagra next day delivery risk of having people who do we recommend levitra online no prescription care about the environment rejecting their product for one made by a (literally) responsible company.

Several recent surveys show really high numbers of consumers (over 90% in some cases) saying that they prefer to buy from companies that are aware and doing something to reduce their contributions to wow it's great order cialis online canada social and environmental problems.

This is why so many companies are advertising their green credentials -- not only does it move product, but once they look into sustainable practices they often find it's more cost-effective. The less waste a company creates, the better the bottom line. Somebody paid for the waste. It's inefficient, if nothing else.

I care about the health of my family and buy cialis online with no prescription my neighbors and their kids and our world, so it matters to me that companies do the right thing. When Nintendo or any company is not forthcoming about their environmental efforts -- especially now when businesses in every industry are jumping on the green bandwagon -- I know they aren't making an effort. Nintendo may not care, but a lot of people do.

It doesn't matter too much if one sociopathic bozo who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fascist' wants to smoke out his neighbors to make some obscure point. The little brother argument is sweet but illogical, given a little more thought and a bigger perspective.

But one company with an attitude like some of the previous posters can do a lot of harm to a lot of people -- have done a lot of harm. Big companies have a big impact. We need them to do whatever they can to decrease the damage being done to cheap canadian cialis our shared life support system.

This is not about Greenpeace. This is about extreme weather patterns, growing rates of viagra overnite cancer, overcrowded schools and hospitals. It's about fresh water and clean air, getting our work done without trashing the place.

The point of Greenpeace's list is buy viagra in us to get the order usa viagra online people who run these companies thinking about how they can contribute to the common good in their quest for the common tender.
written by Twin-Skies, November 30, 2007

You do realize that credentials can be doctored an falsified, right?

In the words of Patton Oswalt
written by J, December 01, 2007
I hate hippies
In the words of Patton Oswalt (Cont)
written by J, December 01, 2007
... just greenpeace mainly. They have always come off to me as a bit off. I know Nintendo does have some sorts of plans in place.
written by Júlia, December 02, 2007
I agree with Terre. It’s a matter of responsibility. If a company doesn’t bother to inform the public about the product that it sells it can be ranked as irresponsible. Information is essential. I hope they give the information next time. If they simply "wash their hands" they'll lose public.
written by nicesocks, December 03, 2007
where does greenpeace stand on their own list? those anti-whaling ships out at sea don't run on rainbows and sunshine.

how about the energy used to do these little surveys? jets to japan? phone calls held on waiting... that's not free energy.

i'm not saying nintendo is clean, silicon parts to run machines, no matter how little energy they hum at in your house, still costs something to manufacture. however, scoring a commpany --especially one as private as nintendo has always been-- a zero for non-disclosure? yeah, sounds like someone at greenpeace got their panties in a twist.

i wonder, does this survey give points for things they don't even ask for? let's say that a company uses 60% wind power. but greenpeace's survey doesn't ask this question. the company they are investigating supplies that info, do they get positive points added?

if we question why nintendo isn't forthcoming, perhaps we should question what exactly is on greenpeace's surveys? i haven't seen what they ask, have you?
written by Fish, January 06, 2008
If sixty percent of Wal-Mart shoppers really, truly prefer to buy from greener companies and cheap prescription viagra actively seek out this information, I would be truly shocked and amazed. It's hard enough to cialis on line canada get Joe Consumer to recycle... how did you come to the conclusion that they loooooove green companiess so much?
written by Marriage Family, March 19, 2008
The irony .. Apple isn't green enough and healthy! So Nokia remains on the first place in the mobile-phone world.

Marriage Family
Greenpeace is stupid
written by Flu-Bird, February 16, 2009
All these greenpeace jerk do with the money donated to them is to use it to ether fuel their ships or zodiacs or to stage stupid protests proving what idiots they are only a complete dolt would have aything to do with greenpeace
Greenpeace is stupid
written by frenk, January 01, 2010
... just greenpeace mainly. They have always come off to me as a bit off. I know Nintendo does have some sorts of plans in place.
Greenpeace now a video system critic?
written by marriage help, February 26, 2010
Yeah, before I buy a video game system, I'm going to see what Greenpeace thinks. Yeah, right. I think I'll stick with buying a high quality machine with games I like and a price I can afford. Thanks anyway.

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