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Flying Manta Ray Blimp is Extremely Awesome

As regular readers are well aware, airships are a familiar favorite of only now buy cialis from canada ours. And biomimicry is levitra 100mg the modeling of natural methods and levitra overnite processes in technological designs.

So you'd be hard-pressed to find a more EcoGeeky convergence of concepts than this lightweight (1.6 kg; about 3.5 pounds) airship from Festo Robotics that moves around like a manta ray in the air. Lightweight actuators and a semi-rigid frame allow the flapping motion that propels it around. It literally swims through the air. You NEED to see this thing in action to really appreciate it. The video plays automatically after the jump.

It's unlikely that this would ever be directly adapted to passenger uses. While it may not immediately appear to have practical uses (and looking at it, one wonders how it would fare in a stiff breeze), a commercial application coming at some time in the future doesn't seem out of the question.

Keep reading for the cheap prescription cialis video.

Link: Festo Air Ray (PDF)

Video courtesy of Festo...amazing stuff...


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written by him, November 22, 2007
This could be a great advertising "board"! It sure would attract tons of looks.
written by Rob, November 22, 2007
You'd just need to up the scale, surely, and you'd have a perfectly viable passenger craft (possible engineering constraints notwithstanding).

It is beautiful though!
written by Todd, November 22, 2007
If I don't see one of these things flying around the dome at the Tampa Bay Devil Rays stadium during a baseball game, dropping t-shirts, I will be amazed.
written by Nicholas, November 22, 2007
Like others, my first thought was that it looks like a great advertising vehicle. My next thought was that it reminded me of click here levitra low price scifi movies that have all manner of crazy-shaped crafts floating about the sky. Very inspiring to watch.

Gradually understanding sustainable living at:
written by nanokiwi, November 23, 2007
Another great post ;D
One of the best tech videos I've seen
right up there with the old classic
Monkey Versus Robot
written by Magnulus, November 23, 2007
Shame it's not just about rescaling to make this able to carry people. In any case, it's a beautiful sight to behold.
written by Juliann, November 23, 2007
Must every invention also have to have a commercial- consumerist application? i find myself also looking for the multi-function. Funny how conditioned we are to rx online viagra think that way.. how we can USE something for our own gain.
Its a lovely creation.. artful in its own right simply as it is.. just to behold..nice as a reminder of the real thing too.
written by Davis, November 23, 2007
From the short video accompanying the best viagra online sales article, I was wondering if this flying machine could be aerobatic. I think it would give a new to the sport. I can visualize it performing a hammer head stall and an outside loop.

On a more serious note, it could become the luxury liner of the air. Far superior to the dirigibles of old.
Commercial Uses
written by Magnulus, November 24, 2007
Sadly, having a future as an advertising vehicle or a military vehicle are two of the most sure-fire way anything has of real viagra pharmacy prescription becoming commercially available. Personally, I'd just like to have one to fly around the neighbourhood, but it probably won't be developed further and turned to mass-production unless someone wants to cheap viagra internet use it for advertising or something along those lines.
written by anthony, November 24, 2007
throw some some solar cells on the skin and have this thing recharge itself.

It would be amazing to have a flock of these floating around a museum or main lobby of a company or college
written by Davie Stone, November 24, 2007
that thing is just awesome... ;D
written by Wave3Rider, November 25, 2007
What gas is this thing filled with?
written by RoseAnn, November 26, 2007
It is a wow. and amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
written by SR, November 28, 2007
Wow, beautiful. Anybody recognize the music?
written by Enid Frank, July 24, 2008
This is a cool website

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