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OCT 04

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"Amazon's homepage is now featuring your mysteriously absent ebook read..."

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Amazon's eBook Reader Launch Imminent

I have an eBook reader, the Sony Reader, which I'll be doing a review of soon. I love it, for many reasons, but the worst part of buying viagra with no prescription the Sony Reader is that it is difficult to find the cialis 5mg book you want to buy with their store, and then it's not as easy as it should be to cialis cheapest get the book into the thing.

Well, a year ago, Amazon filed an eBook device called the Kindle with the FCC that would be very much like my Sony Reader (high-resolution, low-power, paperback-sized, etc) but has the added advantage of's entire inventory.

Even cooler, the device contains a wifi card that allows direct download to the book. Frikkin' awesome. So WHERE IS IT!

Well, Engadget just discovered that links have been showing up on for Kindle downloads. Currently, the links are dead ends, but this little slip seems would lead us to believe that is on the generic cialis from canada cusp of releasing its Kindle to the public.

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How can e-Book Readers ever realisticall
written by Kirk Munro, October 05, 2007
There are a number of reasons why I can't see how an e-Book reader will ever be better for the environment.

1. Companies will ALWAYS want to upgrade them and cheap cialis no prescription make them better. The machines will ALWAYS eventually just stop working or be discarded and replaced by a new version. There will ALWAYS be a stream of e-Book Readers headed to the dump. I can't see how this is not environmentally friendly.
2. Similar to above, how long will an e-Book Reader realistically last? Books last for a long, long time, even when they aren't treated with TLC.
3. If your e-Book Reader breaks, you likely need to follow link generic online cialis turf it. If the battery dies, can you replace it yourself or do you have to pay an arm and a leg for the company to do it for you? If your book needs repair, go get some tape and/or book glue.
4. Finished with a book? Share it with friends or donate it to the library. What if it's electronic? DRM will likely prevent you from doing that.

Increased use of, and investment in the public library system has much greater far-reaching benefits than any e-Book will ever bring to the planet IMHO.
The Kindle is viagra in australia for sale at Amazon now
written by Sophie, November 21, 2007
Amazon's homepage is now featuring your mysteriously absent ebook reader Kindle! Just thought I'd let you know.
-save the nerd, save the world-nf

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