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4mm Deep Phone Fits in A5 Envelope

Design firm Priestman Goode has come up with a flat pack phone that is only 4mm (slightly more than 1/8th of an inch) thick and levitra online store can be mailed in a standard envelope.

Post A Phone is made from recyclable cardboard or plastic and pops out of a A5 envelope, just 4mm deep. If your wireless phone breaks down, you can have Post A Phone sent to you, knowing that it will fit through your letterbox, ensuring you don’t need to stay in and wait for a courier. You take it out of its envelope, plug it into the socket in the wall and you’re ready to make and receive calls.

It also includes a flat packed spool of female viagra wire and looks to include a standard modular plug that is made by folding two halves together. While this is mexico levitra a rather small and clever design, I don't see how, even if the good choice viagra and diarrhea shell is entirely made with recyclable cardboard, the embedded electronics and levitra cialis viagra price copper wire are going to be usefully salvaged.

Something seems lost (on me, anyhow) in the disconnect between needing landline phone and having one mailed to you that can slip through the mail slot. This particular implementation seems destined to cheap cialis generic be as wasteful and as trash generating as AOL disks used to be. But the possibilities for other inexpensive flat-pack electronics is intriguing.

via: BoingBoing Gadgets

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