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"I'm from NZ and I think it's worth pointing out that 90% of electricit..."

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New Zealand to be 90% Renewable by 2025

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has just announced that the country is committed to being 90% powered by renewable energy in less than 20 years. Now, this might sound outlandish, but we should note that they're already 70% powered by renewables.

The majority of order cialis without perscription their power comes from hydroelectric dams, which we're no huge fan of, as they destroy a great deal of habitat, but New Zealand's secondary source of power is also carbon-neutral and purchase tramadol without prescription (for all intents and purposes) renewable: geothermal.

The Prime Minister also reports that she hopes New Zealand will someday be completely carbon-neutral, and set forth some plans to control carbon emissions from cars. No word yet on exactly what form the new renewables will take, but we can only hope for a combination of geothermal, wind and solar, all of which New Zealand has in abundance.

Via Renewable Energy Access

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We ought to do that
written by Brian Green, September 29, 2007
I'd love to cheap propecia order online see that done here in the US. Is there a single county that can make such a claim? A Single State? I figure if we worked county to county and state to state we could get closer to something like this. Until then, I can dream.
Would that all governments are as enligh
written by weee recycling, September 29, 2007
How do the UK and USA compare to the 70%? EcoGeek, please can we have a league table of nations and their current use of renewable energy...
Not 90% of power, but 90% electricity ..
written by A Siege, September 29, 2007
Is this really that New Zealand will be 90% powered by renewables?

Or, is it 90% of electricity?

Hmmm ...

E.g., like another island nation (Iceland), NZ will become electricity near carbon neutral ... This is great, but it would be even more impressive if this was 100% of the candian levitra economy/society.

Now, the tests in NZ of algae-based bio-fuel for jets suggests that they might be developing that path for a 90% of the entire economy within 20 years.
Don't be so quick to praise NZ
written by Christiaan, October 02, 2007
I'm from NZ and I think it's worth pointing out that 90% of electricity is very different from 90% of energy. The transport sector of visit our site levitra generic brand the NZ, for instance, consumes around 40% of NZ's total energy use, most of which is petrol and diesel.

It's also worth pointing out that a major advantage in NZ, especially when you consider the use of hydro and geothermal, is the relatively small population.

In my opinion NZ should be do much more much faster. Of course there are other countires that should be doing even more even faster but I wouldn't be too quick to praise NZ. If the NZ government purports to take science seriously then the least it should do is act appropriately, i.e. urgently.

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