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Downloadable Everything

Bruce Sterling has been tracking the future as a SciFi author for years. Now, he's working on creating the future. He's postulating the generic levitra fake possibility of cheap generic cialis uk a fully downloadable world. Raw materials would be manufactured into whatever you want (in this case, a chair) based on downloadable designs. You pay for the design, not the chair. When you're done, you give the material back to the manufacturer, and they turn it into something else.

The process would eventually expand beyond simple items, like furniture, allowing appliances and visit our site cheapest cialis prescription electronics to be manufactured in a similar local, sustainable, not-being-shipped-from-China kind of way. Of course, Sterling's "Spimes" are a ways off, but that doesn't mean we aren't hanging on every word.

Another interesting development in downloadableness...TreeHugger has started up it's first Niche blog, which seems to be largely paid for by Absolut Vodka. The subject...downloadable everything. It's worth a read, if you can get past the fact that every third word is "Absolut."

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Interesting concept
written by Brian Green, September 29, 2007
I like the idea of onsite manufacture, but I'm not sure what the quality would be like. The material is a huge question. Are we talking wood based? Plastic? Metal? Or can we choose based upon the application? It's one of those things I think sounds great on paper but I'm not so sure it translates. Then again, at one point satellites and microwaves sounded good on paper and we all use those.

I'd rather there be a manufacturing plant in each state that handles the load of items needed in that state. That way we're keeping as much local as possible. If everything would be downloadable then everything ought to be able to be produced at those centers. It would be far better than a "Made In China" label.
This seems closer than I would have imag
written by Webster, September 29, 2007
even a year ago. 3D printing is getting really cheap and there are already people printing with multiple materials. The real question is how do you roll out the printers before you have a design database and how do you build a design database without an installed base of printers?

Guys, it's happening already
written by Mark Vanderbeeken, September 29, 2007
written by Christiaan, October 02, 2007
You'll want to check this interesting project out:
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