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AUG 20

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"The problem is the planes behind the super active levitra Bio-Jets slip off the runway. Kid..."

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Navy Testing Biofuels in Fighter Jets

The Navy has put out a call to biofuel producers for 40,000 gallons of their best JP-5 aviation biofuel for use in test flights of the F/A - 18 Super Hornet.

The Navy will decide by the end of the month who gets the contract for the test flights.  The choice of company will determine what feedstock will be used in the fuel, but jatropha, camelina and algae are all likely to cialis brand name be in the running and no food crops are being considered.  Regardless of which type of canadianpharmacy feedstock is chosen, it will be used in a 50/50 blend with petroleum-based jet fuel for the tests.

Ground tests of the biofuel will be conducted at a General Electric facility in the coming months and within the link for you cheapest prices on cialis next year test flights will begin, covering at least 15,000 miles. Boeing recently conducted a successful test flight of a 747 using a 50/50 blend of jatropha and jet fuel and saw significant fuel savings and emission reductions.  It will be interesting to see if biofuels perform as well in a fighter jet.

The Navy hopes to have completed testing and approved a biofuel for use in their fighter jets by 2013 and is looking to do the same for its ships in the same time frame.

via U.S. Navy

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written by Bob Wallace, August 20, 2009
Megan - you might want to do some research and buy viagra australia add something about all the commercial testing of biofuels for airplanes that has already been done.

(Time to move past C&P. Hank is setting new levels with his lithium piece. ;o)
written by G van den berg, August 20, 2009
why not stop bombing arabs, that might save some fuel!
How to canadianpharmacy turn seawater into jet fuel
written by mike jones, August 20, 2009
Even cooler...
(via slashdot)
Great article and Great Site
written by GPN, August 21, 2009
I just wanted to say thanks EcoGeek for doing a great job. I think it is great that they are looking into biofuels.

current politics
written by russ, August 21, 2009
As far as using biofuels in a jet - been tried and can be used.

If the manufacturer wants a sale plus generals and admirals want promoted they look to see which way the wind is blowing.

The whole story is viagra online prescription a bit of fluff.
written by Mark, August 21, 2009
How about the drone aircraft that could run on it too.
written by Bob Wallace, August 21, 2009
Some of the drones have internal combustion engines, so ethanol type biofuels could be used. Same with the fuel cell models.

Some (at least test models) are solar powered. These have the longest flight time (2+ days so far) and are probably most useful as observance rather than weapon platforms.
How can we make the how to safely buy viagra online war in Iraq more eco-friendly?
written by Chris, August 25, 2009
Taken from the onion video news....
written by Ben du Feu, August 25, 2009
So now the US air force can kill by more than one method:
and starvation of cheap fast cialis the poor as there food producing land is stolen by rich companies to produce bio fuel which can in turn fly planes to kill more people. Genius.

I think its time bio fuel from most crops is banned.
written by Bob Wallace, August 25, 2009
Or it could be time to educate yourself on biofuels that can be grown on land so poor that it's not really useful for food production.

Try "switchgrass", "jatropha", "babassu", "kukui", "Croton" - just google.

Think about how these crops could create jobs for people living in very poor agricultural areas.

written by Ben du Feu, August 25, 2009
Just last night on British TV. a documentary highlighted that much agricultural land in India was being bought up by companies to produce jatropa. The locals supposedly had no choice in the matter and the government claimed the land theirs to sell, obviously caring more about economic growth than basic survival needs.

And talking of providing jobs for the locals I'm sure it will but as time goes on, more and more land will be turned to bio fuel production as companies with money don't care about people, only growth and money and bio fuels produce much more money for big rich companies than food does, at the cost of human life.

I have read promising sounding reports on algae based bio fuels.

Land "too poor" for agricultural use can easily be improved by green manure, however I suppose money would be required to get seed for this.
written by Bob Wallace, August 25, 2009
Land "too poor" for agricultural use can easily be improved by green manure, however I suppose money would be required to get seed for this

That's questionable. (And I'm a long time organic gardener who has turned some very marginal land into good gardens.)

If you want to get serious about green manure you've got to have the water and nutrients to grow the crops. And you've got little to no organic material in the soil to help you out.

Some crops, such as switchgrass take little water, do very well in poor quality soil, and build soil quality as they grow over years.


Some of the oil nuts need to be harvested by hand and that means some paying jobs in areas where sources of income are scarce.

What we might consider a trivial amount of money can be a windfall in some places. In some places people can grow their own food and create their houses, even their clothes out of local materials, but cash to only here cialis buying buy a few manufactured goods are hard to come by.
Ready For Take Off
written by Ray-ray, September 04, 2009
The problem is the planes behind the Bio-Jets slip off the runway. Kidding. Go for it!

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