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JUN 16

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"The National BioDiesel Board also has a map up on their site that you ..."

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NREL and Google Launch Map of generic cialis lowest price America's Alternative Fuel Stations

The National Renewable Energy Labs and Google have partnered to launch a tool called TransAtlas that maps all existing and planned alternative fuel stations across the good choice cialis online without prescription country.

The mapping tool allows you to view each type of fuel station as a layer, so you can view one at at time or all fuel types simultaneously.  The seven alternative fuels mapped are hydrogen, propane, electric (shown in photo above), liquified natural gas, compressed natural gas, E85 and biodiesel.  

The tool also allows you to view vehicle density layers for hybrid-electric, flex-fuel and diesel cars.  Electric and hydrogen stations are far behind fuels like E85 and biodiesel, but their locations correspond pretty neatly with the areas where those cars are being driven.  I'd like to think that if more of those types of stations are built in more areas, the corresponding vehicles will follow.

While it's a simple application of Google Maps, it's interesting to see the reality of alternative fuel infrastructure in the country, and how far we still have to go before non-gasoline vehicles have a real chance to survive on American roads.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Ken, June 17, 2009
Great Idea! We need refueling stations offering a variety of fuels. (gas, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel, electric recharging, CNG, hydrogen) The days of levitra prescription medication a gas station are over. They should be called refueling stations with a variety of fuels offering competition and choice for consumers.
written by Fred, July 07, 2009
This is a useful tool
More stations/distributors near you
written by abauman, May 07, 2010
The National BioDiesel Board also has a map up on their site that you can find the closest location to you to get either BioHeating Oil or BioDiesel.

BioHeating Oil Map:

BioDiesel Map:

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