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JUN 11

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"This will probably lead to otheer places using the same kind of fuel..."

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Cellulosic Ethanol Flowing at One Canadian Pump

Shell has claimed the first commercial delivery of cellulosic ethanol at a service station in Ottawa, Canada. For the next month, the station is pumping a mixture of gasoline and canada levitra no prescription ethanol made from wheat straw by biofuel company Iogen.

While cellulosic ethanol is much better than corn ethanol and far less polluting than gasoline, the blend that the Shell station is offering is online viagra prescriptions only 10 percent cellulosic ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. So while it's a step forward for cellulosic ethanol to canada viagra generic have made it to a commercial pump, it's still a small step when it comes to its application and emission reductions.

Shell has a 50 percent stake in Iogen's biofuel development.  The biofuel maker has been producing 5,000 liters of the fuel a day at their demonstration plant, but plans to upgrade to a plant that would allow them to produce 70 million liters a year in Saskatchewan.

Shell hopes this demonstration leads to more government funding for cellolusic ethanol production, but sees advanced, large-scale production as still being five to bying viagra online cheap us ten years away.

via CNET and NY Times

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Non-Food portions of the wheat straw
written by David perron, June 11, 2009
Please note that the CBC also reports that:

"An Ottawa gas station has become the first in the world to sell a new eco-friendly ethanol for vehicles made from non-food portions of wheat straw"
written by Joro 05, June 15, 2009
To use ethanol fuel cells and electric motor would be better than ICE
written by Fred, July 07, 2009
This will probably lead to otheer places using the same kind of fuel

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