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JAN 09

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"this explains how gov. vislak got the job..."

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Ethanol Pacman Eats Solar, Wind and best price generic levitra Biodiesel

OK, get out your angry commenting's time to talk about how the lion's share of our renewable energy budget goes to the least effective form of order cialis us renewable energy!!!

The above graph compiled by the Environmental Working Group is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, it would be nice to see the breakdown between corn-based ethanol subsidies and cellulosic ethanol subsidies (which actually make sense.) Unfortunately, we're afraid that it would look a heck of a lot similar to the graph above, except maybe with a third little wedge in Pacman's mouth.

So now you know...the agriculture lobby in America is a lot stronger than you thought it was.

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looking at your source
written by Orfintain, January 09, 2009
It is interesting to note that this graph was from 2007 data
Darn Spending!
written by Ashley, January 09, 2009
Maybe if they put even just one billion of that 3 billion more towards solar/wind energy than the price of groceries could go down some and we'd actually be getting more out of the only for you viagra online 50mgs alternative energy we're investing in.

Although it would be interesting to see if that changed at all in 2008
written by jack, January 10, 2009
Anyone want to buy cialis in canada set up a form letter to send to our representatives on this issue?
Action by Jack
written by cornholer, January 11, 2009
Jack, I just wish that people would grow up and realize how much ethanol is costing taxpayers. Instead of the stupid "Don't break" emails it would really be something if people would just send ten freinds a real message like the fact that ethanol is a lobbyist dream and a taxpayer/consumer nightmare.
there goes the HOPE and CHANGE
written by alan, January 11, 2009
being that there could be peace, here we are in the middle of the war corps vs. land. and we are witness of how stupid this and every other war is.
there it goes the HOPE and CHANGE
written by alan, January 11, 2009
this explains how gov. vislak got the job

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