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DEC 29

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" . . . and once the forests are cut down and the waste resource flow s..."

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Old Underwear Factory to Power 10,000 Homes

An abandoned Fruit of the Loom factory in Rabun Gap, Ga. is about to get a new life as a biomass facility. The $21.5 million project will eventually generate 17MW of energy using some of the equipment left behind.

{digg}{/digg}The plant will produce energy from waste from the local forest industry for non-profit Green Power EMC, a Georgia-based group of only for you viagra australia utility companies that focus on viagra online us]non generic viagra renewable energy. The waste will be used in a conventional boiler leftover from the underwear factory, which will generate steam that will power a steam-turbine generator. The electricity generated will then be sold to customers of electricity co-ops.

When the buy cialis no prescription plant is completed in August 2009, it is expected to create 95 jobs and power 10,000 homes. Who would have thought that an abandoned underwear factory could create so much good? This is just another great example of the power of the second "R" - reuse. There are solutions to our energy problems all around us, if we just think creatively enough.

via Cleantech

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Nice technology
written by Entertainment, December 30, 2008
It is a great hear "Power from waste". Each and every country should follow this.
written by Eddles, December 30, 2008
I wonder if the energy generated by this project exceeds the energy used to cialis best price transport the underwear now having to be imported from China.
written by Herno, December 30, 2008
so basically they are going to burn wood to boild the water...perfect.
Eco Energy
written by pixonu, January 03, 2009 my pants ;) lol
Union Time!
written by Uncle B, February 14, 2009
Now if we can just protect the workers from exploitation by Unions, real estate sharks. Banking usury, Planned obsolescence in all they purchase, and the many other capitalist traps that spoil an otherwise good thing! G d help America, the very bankers that robbed us, had the nerve to demand bonuses! These poor folk don't stand a chance! They will probably have to pay bribes to get poor paying jobs, only to cialis lowest prices be raped by a system weighted against them from the get go! The (GRD)great republican depression will change all that, but not without great suffering and a revolution in thought, running counter-current to the cialis alternative forces of capitalism's most powerful tool: influence peddling by advertising! But, I doubt it and see peace and fairness only Post GRD, when a new America rises, reformed, from the ashes of today's America, like a Phoenix, and prospers once again, without capitalists, greedy republican uber rich, and huge military bills, yet democratic, liberal and fair to all!
written by Uncle B, January 10, 2010
. . . and once the forests are cut down and the waste resource flow stops, so does the power! But: with solar wave, wind, hydro, tidal, and geothermal sources this does not happen! They continue to produce a smaller output albeit, but forever! the old, supposedly impossible, but true, and verifiable, "perpetual energy" source! Just review this for a moment and buy viagra while overseas you will see why the people who sell oil and uranium, coal and gas, hate and fight against these power sources! Fact is: a passive Solar heat collector designed to provide you with hot water, placed on the roof of your home, requires maintenance only, no extra fuels for your lifetime, and never stops giving the same perhaps meger power forever! Not even taxable by governments! China has very high efficiency vacuum style glass heat exchangers everywhere they can afford them! They also heat water this way, unrestricted by paranoid corporatists and their treasures, their ROI porducing status quo! Google, Torrent, the movie, "Who Stole The Electric Car" for insight into the "Corporate Phenomenon" in the U.S.A. keeping in mind the wow)) buy cheapest cialis NiMh batteries have been kept from the Patriots, the proletariat peons of original brand cialis America by Corporate gangsterism and shyster patent lawyers backed financially by Exxon/Mobile at the time! Sad but true, we fight and die for true freedom and buy cialis uk do not have the EV-1, or its "Miracle Batteries" at all! Do our soldiers dies for this? Do we stand tall for this?

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