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Boeing Leads Algal Biomass Organization To D.C.

In October we told you about Boeing’s announcement to phase in 30% biofuel blends over the next 5 years. But it’s becoming clear that Boeing is doing much more than just agreeing to buy biofuels, or acknowledging the fact that planes can fly on biofuels. They are working hard to make sure that second-generation biofuels can become a reality. Boeing is looking into jatropha (and other oil-producing plants that grow in harsh conditions), but seems to prescription viagra be lending the most support towards algae.

Darrin Morgan, the head of Boeing’s biofuel development arm, is also a chairman of the canada pharmacy Algal Biomass Organization, a group which tries to make a name for the algae industry in Washington. ABO members realize that the future of the industry will hinge on the energy legislation that is expected to be written by Congress next year. Within the biofuels category, though, algae will have to compete for attention with corn and lowest viagra price soy, both of which have strong lobbying presences. That’s why it’s so important for big names like Boeing to come out and support algae.

Via The News Tribune

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