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NOV 12

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"Ellen, I think your sheep fuel idea is excellent. There are enough sh..."

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Air New Zealand and how much levitra Boeing to Conduct Biofuel Test Flight

In late October, Boeing announced that they would be phasing in biofuel blends within the we use it natural cialis next three to five years. At the time, there wasn't much information about what type of biofuel they'd be using or when they'd be conducting a large scale test. In a press release yesterday from UOP, it was revealed that the company would be participating in a test flight scheduled for December 3 in partnership with Air New Zealand, Boeing and Rolls Royce.

The 747-400 jet will take off from Auckland and will run on a 50/50 blend of Jet A-1 fuel and a synthetic paraffinic kerosene derived from jatropha that was developed by UOP. Rolls Royce conducted engine tests with the blended fuel and found that it met all specifications for jet fuel.

Jatropha is visit web site cialis sales online a plant that produces seeds that contain an inedible oil that can be extracted to make fuel. The plant oil for this test flight was sourced from non-arable lands in India, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

More flight details are supposed to viagra online drugstore be released closer to December 3, but it's interesting that Boeing previously indicated that they'd be using 30 percent biofuel blends, but this test will be performed with a 50 percent blend. It's encouraging that they were able to find a larger percentage blend that performed just as well.

via Green Car Congress

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Why Jatropha?
written by ellen, November 12, 2008
I would have thought that since New Zealand has a very large population of sheeps, that sheeps's oil could have been converted to jet fuel.
Article summary
written by Jeremiah, November 12, 2008
How cool is this: a fuel from a plant that you can't eat grown in a climate that can't grow anything else in countries that need an agriculture export.
re: sheep fuel
written by Jess, November 12, 2008
That would not work. Our sheep don't work that way. Thank you ;D
re: sheep fuel
written by allen, November 15, 2008
Ellen, I think your sheep fuel idea is excellent. There are enough sheep in New Zealand for it to work. Oil can be harvested from the sheep's wool at regular intervals while the animal is alive, and at death its fats can be rendered into bio jetfuel.

Air New Zealand would not have to have their entire fleet converted to sheep, it would be sufficient to tramadol no prescription saturday delivery have just its domestic flights converted. It would be too costly to transport containers of sheep fuel from NZ to overseas terminals, so I can't see long haul flights on sheep fuel being successful.

The smell would also make people hungry. I think it is cool idea!

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