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NOV 07

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Glycerin: A Natural Replacement for Antifreeze?

Toxic chemicals ethylene glycol and propylene glycol have been the preferred engine coolants for decades. Glycerol (glycerin) was once used as a coolant, but it was expensive and it's a weaker freezing point depression ruled it out.

This may all change soon. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of biodiesel, so while biodiesel is starting to be produced in large quantities, so is glycerin. This new abundance of glycerin has made it cost competitive with its more toxic counterparts.

SAE International did an extensive evaluation of glycerin's performance in heat transfer, corrosion protection, freeze point, thermal stability and toxicity. They concluded that glycerin should be reconsidered as a less toxic base for antifreeze.

I like the idea of reducing waste by coming up with uses for a byproduct. Eliminating or reducing waste in manufacturing will need to be a star player in our move towards a cleaner planet or we'll never get there. Plus a reduction in a product's toxicity is always a step in the levitra from india right direction.

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Eco friendly Glycol
written by John Williams, November 07, 2008
Great article! Readers might also be interested in knowing about biodegradable & renewable corn glycol that has been developed for the solar thermal industry. Info here:
propylene glycol toxic?
written by Wandering, November 07, 2008
Are you aware it is a food ingredient in hundreds of products?
Propylene glycol is not dangerous
written by Elaine, November 09, 2008
Propylene glycol is the principal ingredient of KY personal lubricant.

written by Solar Dude, November 09, 2008
Propylene glycol is a food additive and is levitra in uk NOT toxic.

You'll find it in ice cream (prevents it from freezing so hard), in cookies (makes them softer and smoother going down) and other foods.

Food grade propylene glycol passes all code requirements for safety in closed loop solar hot water systems so even if it should ever leak, it won't harm anyone if they ingest it.

Propylene Glycol is found in "safe" antifreezes such as Peak Sierra, meaning pets and wildlife are safe if any leaks from your car.

Get your facts straight!
written by Haflidi, November 09, 2008
Ok, can you give us some references (books, websites etc.) to prove your point?
written by miltowny, November 10, 2008
every product improvement helps our world. as long as it doesn't impact food costs.
Propylene Glycol is Generally Recognised
written by Carl, November 21, 2008
You idiot. Propylene Glycol is perfectly safe to eat according to all food standards. And Propylene Glycol has a very very low freezing point.

If you are posting on a site read by nerds, do some research before making stupid bigoted claims.
Chief Engineer
written by Ed Eaton, April 25, 2009
PG is generally recognized as safe and is used in products intended for both human and free cialis sample animal consumption. However, PG antifreeze, like EG antifreeze, PDO antifreeze ("corn glycol") and glycerin antifreeze will all be mixed with anti corrosion additives and water to cheap quality levitra be used as engine coolant. While EG is more toxic than the C3 molecules, used engine coolant will have been exposed to many metals, often including lead. One of the most likely uses for glycerin in antifreeze is as a PARTIAL replacement for 20-25% of the EG, but that will probably not significantly improve the toxicity of the fluid. Market price will determine if glycerin, in any form, is widely adopted as antifreeze / engine coolant. Specifications are being developed by ASTM D-15 on Engine Coolants.
written by Annie Berggren, August 17, 2009
Do you know if any other chemical can replace Propylene Glycol? said this chemical could cause cancer. I want to buy Children cosmetics from a US manufacturer and they claim no other chemical can replace Propylene Glycol, is it true?
written by You, March 23, 2010
You are a real idiot. Do your research before posting about chemicals that are not toxic.

I have a product with PG and it is classified as "Not Controlled"
Propylene glycol from glycerol
written by Portalenko, April 14, 2010
It is interesting, that propylene glycol can received by hydrogenolysis of glycerol.
PG is NOT safe
written by Dr_Snooz, September 10, 2012
Sorry to read all the hate being directed at the generic levitra mastercard author over his claims about PG. Yes, the FDA says it's great, but the FDA says a lot of viagra women things are great. That doesn't make them great. PG breaks me out every time I put it on i recommend cialis cialis online my skin. If I eat it, it makes me sick. Sorry, that's NOT safe. Direct your hate elsewhere. Better yet, don't hate.
Debate, not hate
written by Peach, January 20, 2014
Learn the difference.

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