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OCT 15

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"That Hydrogen could be used to react with atmospheric CO2 to form meth..."

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Fuel Cells Powered by Hydrogen from Sewage

Researchers at the Oregon State University College of Engineering have discovered an efficient way to produce hydrogen from different types of biowaste, including municipal sewage. 

The process uses 75% less energy than the how to buy levitra in canada traditional water electrolysis method of producing hydrogen, and can be done at a much lower cost, making it a good candidate for hydrogen fuel production.  In the lab, researchers are already close to the Department of Energy’s goal of levitra and diarrhea $2 to $3 per gasoline gallon equivalent for hydrogen fuel. 

The university describes the process like this: 

“In these systems, naturally occurring microorganisms from sewage attach to the surface of an anode and degrade the waste in the sewage, in a device that is something like a battery. The waste decomposes, eventually leaving protons that migrate to only today levitra discussionsdiscount priced levitra the cathode, combine with electrons and generate hydrogen.” 

In addition to producing hydrogen, this process also cleans the water, so, ideally, treatment plants could be developed to take in sewage and send out hydrogen fuel and clean water.  Imagine sewage becoming a valuable resource.  The system can also be adapted to generate electricity directly instead of producing hydrogen. 

Beyond hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, this technology could find practical use in developing countries or remote locations where waste treatment and power production are scarce. 

via CleanTechnica 

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written by nicster, October 15, 2008
Go Beavers! There's nothing sexy about this type of science but it sure does have lots of promise.
written by Brian, October 15, 2008
So being that there is an anode and a cathode, one would think power would have to be induced, much like in an electrolysis process. So how much power? What's the source? Am I completely off my rocker? How much is cialis price in canada a gallon of milk in Australia? Why do try it cialis discounts I keep asking questions?
written by nicster, October 15, 2008
the article says 75% less power than traditional electrolysis. presumably because the microbes are contributing the purchase viagra soft tabs 'missing' 75% while breaking down the sewage.

the source is whatever you want it to be (hamster-wheels running a generator if desired).

if you're on your rocker, you could hook that to cialis in spain a generator, too.

about $1.25 (Australian) per litre.
written by Mike, October 16, 2008
It sounds like a pretty cool breakthrough (I second that Go Beavs), but Hydrogen cars still have a lot of infrastructure challenges. Tanker trucks would need to be pressurized and would carry a fraction of soft levitra tablets the fuel that you can hold with gasoline.
written by OSU931, October 16, 2008
Its true, Hydrogen fuel transportation has been a big issue, but there is new hope in a porous metal alloy. The idea is that hydrogen molecules are pumped into a solid, porous metal while heated, then cooled to encapsulate the hydrogen in the lattice. It doesn't have to be pressurized, it can hold way more hydrogen then a hollow canister of the same volume, and as a plus, the lattice is too small to let in O2, preventing combustion in an accident. Great stuff!
written by Dave, October 16, 2008
Google microbial fuel cells. This sounds like the same thing.
On-Site H2 Production
written by on-site H2, October 16, 2008
It'd be better to produce hydrogen on-site at fueling stations than try to transport it anywhere. Presumably some form of this technology could be used to do just that, but that would probably involve infrastructure changes to direct sewage where needed. Our company makes hydrogen producing machines that currently produce the cleanest hydrogen in the most efficient fashion, but using natural gas as the source (because the infrastructure is already in place). Any hydrocarbon works in the process, however, so come up with a good source of ethanol and it's a very clean process, and much more efficient than burning it... equivalent to cialis cost about $0.75 per gallon of gas!
written by Jiffy Lewis, October 16, 2008
Finally, someone comes up with a good idea that will actually work!

Secret Service for BIG oil companies
written by Ken, October 16, 2008
hopefully the buy tramadol lowest price government doesn't pull school funding for the collage for this discovery.
written by gerda, October 17, 2008
"Imagine sewage becoming a valuable resource"
you missed the 'Again'! it has only not been for the last century or so, and only in the developed countries, since we had artificial fertilisers.

that said, great idea. in remote areas fuel cells could replace diesel and buy levitra pills petrol generators, a big improvement.

mmm sewage num num num
written by nicster, October 18, 2008
It just occurred to me that all gas stations have restrooms. Perhaps no hydrogen transportation infrastructure is necessary with this technology. In situ generation of hydrogen is completely feasible.
Refrigerate the Hydrogen for transport.
written by refuelceo, October 28, 2008
What's all this talk about making it from waste is great. But the process is cheap canadian pharmacy so slow the output would never be commercial. We at Refuel Corp. have designed a way to produce Hydrogen in large amounts also Water,
Oxygen and Power Cleanly and No carbon footprint.
storage of hydrogen would be best done all this time by cryogenic means 600 to 1 ratio and no pressure problems. And take a look around you the next time your on the tramadol pharmacy c o d freeway, What do you see Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Propane, Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Natural Gas and all of it is being done now safely. One day how would you like to pull into one of levitra professional our Stations and purchase Liquid Hydrogen,Compressed Hydrogen Made from the most abundant renewable fuel supply the Ocean.
In Rememberance - EV-1 Batteries
written by Uncle B, September 26, 2009
I fear a country who's laws permit big oil to destroy EV-1 and its batteries for profits. I fear more, an American public able to go for scrubbed Euro-diesels, to save 40 % on their fuel bills and choose not to! Even more sickening, is the caretakers of the most beautiful land on earth, drinking city water with Prozac traces in it, from their own Shiite! and still filling the best rivers, lakes, seashores with sewage, instead of bio-gassing it to fuel-gas and buy ultram online fedex fertilizers. Oslo, Norway, runs city buses on bio-gas, but uber-Arrogant Yankee doodle drinks his, in his water supply, and feels to be the procurer of superior technologies! Excuse the expression,"My Ass"! The Shiite from American Factory Farms alone is enough to bio-gas power a small country, yet we spread it about like waste - it is not! American humanure, richer pound by pound than pig Shiite from Asia, must be exploited for fuel, fertilizer, topsoil builder, and not wasted destroying water-supplies and fisheries! Even China feeds sewage to lakes, to grow algae, then carp are "planted" to feed on this, then caught, cleaned, frozen, and retailed in America on seafood counters in supermarkets! These students with their really Avon Guard processes, face tremendous opposition to any changes in the current money making Status Quo, structures, and may as well study Greek literature, the end result is the same! America is owned and operated by a few specialized interest corporations, and anything opposing their profit structures is destroyed before it hatches! Go to School? Go to Hell!
Hydrogen to Methanol
written by Marcel, March 13, 2010
That Hydrogen could be used to react with atmospheric CO2 to form methanol, an energy-dense fuel that also works in Fuel Cells. Unlike Hydrogen, methanol is easier to carry around and the Fuel Cells for it are getting more compact. Methanol can also be incorporated in existing infrastructure.

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