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Cow Poo Powers Carnival Ride

Finally, a way for the cow barns to mingle with the distantly placed rides. The California State Fair is hosting the first carnival ride powered by cow poo. Aptly called the Barnyard Animal Train, the ride will utilize biogas made from California dairy cows. So not only is it renewable, it’s also relatively locally produced. How very green. And even better, kids hopping aboard will learn about renewable energy during their ride.


I actually just went to my county fair, where everything is still powered by diesel generators, and the ride tickets actually had a $1 fuel surcharge! I think cow pattie power's time has come.


It’d be cool to see this energy coming from the need a prescription for viagra manure produced at the fair itself. Talk about a clean event! With rides going solar, and now biogas powered, we may soon see all kinds of renewably powered ride options. Just wait until the 4H kids have all their cows wearing backpacks to help run the fair using methane.


Via Cleantechnica; photo via domincspics

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That rules.
written by Bryan McCarty, August 15, 2008
That is simply awesome. I'm glad to see our fellow carnies going green.


Good but how do they get there?
written by Todd Edelman, August 16, 2008
Just wondering how people get TO the Fair.

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