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JAN 29

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"I have put together a social network around gasification with free pla..."

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Backyard Gassifiers Turn Wood into Hydrogen

Here at EcoGeek, we love to see what sustainable technologies average folks can get working in their backyard. Whilst we also marvel at the advances in cutting edge high-technology, it's refreshing to see "hands-on" technology, which you can build at home.

One response to peak oil and the best place how can i buy viagra in canada fossil fuel shortage has come from three members of purchase levitra Sustain Jefferson, a Natural Step community, who have built this downdraft gasifier, to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide (also called syngas) from ordinary wood pellets.

With hydrogen production currently dominated by the petrochemical industry, it's nice to canada cialis online see some simple carbon-neutral solutions to producing hydrogen, which you can make yourself.

This gassification process is an extremely simple version of Coskata's plasma gassification, which should soon be producting large quantities of cellulosic ethanol. Coskata has a microorganism that can convert syngas into ethanol at extremely high efficiencies.

Kick up a footstool, lay back, and enjoy - the video is also accompanied by a fairly smooth piano soundtrack!

And if you want to build one yoursef, the plans are open source and available here.

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incorrect link
written by nicster, January 29, 2008
the website link for the plans should include 'www' and be:
written by supergreen, January 29, 2008
What is the output (aside from hydrogen of course) of this machine?
written by supergreen, January 29, 2008
could an office supply itself with enough power from its office waste?
Hydrogen.. retooling for transportation.
written by Gary Vincent O'Malley, March 03, 2008
Why not convert from water.. ??
Look for the Hydrogen pages.. if you are eco involved.. think of a tax on consumption of New Retail

The environmental impact is cialis 20 mg based on facts of life..

When you tax something, you get less of cialis low priced it..
We currently tax success. Right?
Stop taxing success, tax New Retail. This will automatically produce a downward pressure on new retail, which decreases landfills,pollution and promotes recycling.. NO FEDERAL TAXES ON USED GOODS..

Kindest Regards,
Gary Vincent O'Malley
Hmmm ever wounder why it is called an em
written by Jonathan, March 26, 2008
A stratified downdraft gassifer is easier to build than a WWII design, but serious sacrifices are made to achieve the simplicity of the visit our site indian generic levitra design. The biggest sacrifice is the gas quality, stratified down draft units are capable of producing far more tar (tar is bad) than the WWII imbert design. I noticed that you used processed wood pellets for your fuel, I don’t think that during an emergency you are going to be running a motor on wood pellets.

Try running a vehicle on woodgas. I currently know of several people in the US working on woodgas for transportation, not to buy cialis mention the few who already have a woodgas rig. Myself I have two a 1972 Dodge motor home and a 1990 ford (fuel injected) pickup.

None the less congratulations are in order, few have even attempted a woodgas project.

Jonathan Spreadborough
Martell, NE
written by Chris, May 14, 2008
I have seen wood gas generators all over. No matter where and which model I have seen I can't find anyone who uses storage. In a wood gas vehicle it seems to be directly piped in. I know with hydrogen you can store it in tanks with a hydride safely. Is there a safe way to store would gas in portable containers?
Learn more about building your own gasif
written by Ben Peterson, September 01, 2008
I have put together a social network around gasification with free plans and low cost video plans. This is a great technology for stationary power generation. For driving its less attractive in my opinion.


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