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OCT 10

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"Let's play lawyer for a second. Do you think people will go for someth..."

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Mutant Algae: The Next Hydrogen Source

Could algae be a key to our future energy needs? Anastasios Melis, a University of California biology professor, thinks so. Already looked at to tramadol oline no prescription replace non-renewable oil, algae also has the ability to create hydrogen. Melis is pushing this idea further by creating mutant algae that, he hopes, can increase algae hydrogen production by threefold. The mutant algae use sunlight more efficiently, boosting both hydrogen and just try! generic cialis effective oil production.

The trick is to produce algae with less chlorophyll, allowing sunlight to reach the inner algae layers. Their work has allowed them to reduce the amount of chlorophyll in the algae cells from 600 molecules to 300 with 130 as the target. Traditionally most of sun's energy is used to convert our friend CO2 and water into glucose and oxygen. Eighty kilograms per acre per day of hydrogen could be created if all the energy went towards hydrogen production. Milas notes that it is highly unlikely to only best offers buy levitra get algae to produce only hydrogen, but the good news is that even at a 50% conversion rate hydrogen would cost about $2.80 a kilogram.

Via Technology Review

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Mutant Dangers
written by Mark, October 10, 2007
The word 'Mutant' caught my attention. I'm all for these mitigation attempts, as long as we really are carefully about the we choice buy viagra on line dangers of out of click here levitra injectable control experiments and the risks of playing around with a complex climate system which we don't really fully understand..

There is buying cialis no prescription an interesting article here describing a "Top 6" list of similar schemes designed to rid the world of Co2 so that we can continue with our wicked-ways... Some are more hair-brained than others.
"highly unlikely to get algae to produce
written by Joel, October 10, 2007
Unlikely that the algae would live, that is.

Some proportion of the energy needs to go toward cell maintenance and growth.
written by Andy, October 11, 2007
How far would a kilogram of Hydrogen get you in a fuelcell car then?
Mutant what?
written by Sed Emihcra, October 11, 2007
Let's play lawyer for a second. Do you think people will go for something called mutant? My more simple-minded neighbors won't like this. I agree with the observation that this mutation won't allow the algae to live. And if it does: there needs to be strict control on its production and use, lest there be mutant algae giving rise to mutant whatevers.

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