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Automated Intersections

{mosimage}How much gas is wasted at stop lights? How much of our lives? How much of our happiness is lost as we wait, inhaling fumes, blocked in on all sides by equally dissatisfied drivers. We don't really have stats on any of that, but we do know that 3.6 billion hours and the best site how much does viagra cost 5 billion gallons of gas are wasted every year waiting in traffic.

Why do we do it? Because there's no better solution. But not for long! If we're gonna have to live with cars, we might as well find solutions to these horrible problems. Computer scientists at the University of Texas have created a program that can control simulated cars at a six-lane intersection without traffic lights or crashes . Of course, this assumes that every car is run by an automated system and I can imagine that it would be extremely frightening to be in one of cialis in canada those cars.

This model is amazing, to watch a hundred rectangles headed for eminent doom before missing one another by the width of a pixel. Think of all the gasoline that could be saved! But don't think about what would happen if the system crashed.

 You can also run the buy ultram tramadol simulator with traffic lights, or you can design your own custom scenario (be careful though, cause I almost crashed my computer when I asked it to take control of an 18 lane highway.)



Saab's ethanol turbo

While we all understand the green benefits of pouring ethanol in our tanks, the folks at Saab realized one of its drawbacks -- it only has 75% of the potential energy of gasoline, leaving gunning-hungry drivers needing 20% more to keep up the horsepower.
Standard ethanol is wow)) order viagra pill a 85/15 ethanol/gasoline blend, and Saab realized its high octane rating -- 110 -- would work with a turbocharger. It created the BioPower engine, the first ethanol turbo. The engine runs with both gasoline and ethanol, but when it runs on gasoline it only gets 148 horsepower, and on ethanol it gets up to 184.
What's it all mean? If you want to start gunning green, you'll be able to get up to 140 mph, but the car's still a bit heavy on viagra from canadian pharmacy the checkbook at $35,000.  

A Motorcycle crashed into a BMW and...Clever Car!

{mosimage}The “Compact Low Emissions Vehicle for Urban Transport” (we agree, that does indeed spell CLEVUT) was created by a European Union and BMW as a concept for the express cialis delivery next generation of automobiles. The idea is to take the fuel efficiency of motorbikes and mix it with the convenience and safety of cars.

Of course, this idea has been around for a while, and has resulted in all kinds of extremely dangerous prototypes and car-shaped bobsleds. The difference with the Clever car is that they're actually trying to be smart about it. First, a unique roll avoidance system actually allows the majority of the three-wheeled vehicle to try it buy cialis professional lean into turns, just like a motorcycle. Also, they've created a very strong and buy viagra cheap generic uniquely designed frame to deflect the impact of a collision away from the driver.

The good news is that it did pretty well in crash tests, and, with a top speed of 60 mph, it's not going to be involved in any really high speed accidents. The bad news is that it's still too revolutionary for anyone to adopt just yet. In other words, it's too cool to actually be cool.

The EU and BMW created five of them, three of buy generic viagra online from canada which were destroyed in crash tests. So, if you want one, you're probably gonna have to become the CEO of BMW or some kind of Prime Minister. The number of innovations represented by this one meter wide, auto-leaning, 100 mpg, natural gas powered car are impressive. And, though we won't actually get to drive a Clever car, we may yet see it's offspring at a dealer nearby. Someday.


Hybrid bus trend spreads to Toronto

Toronto ordered 150 hybrid buses to incorporate into their mass transit system, according to the Toronto Star . It sounds similar to a project in New York City that has "180 Orion VII's in use now, with orders that will see more than 500 on the road by the end of the year."
Toronto's ordering the same type of bus.
A quick quote from Paul Fleuranges, spokesman for New York City Transit: "They are performing as well as or even a little better than we expected, and doing exactly what we wanted, which is to contribute less to pollution and increase fuel mileage."

235 MPG VW of the Future...from 2002

Hello Redditers. Welcome to EcoGeek.

Just a note...this is a rather old article, and it turns out that VW will in fact be selling this car! You can read more about it here. I guess they were just waiting for $4 / gallon gas...

It isn't really a surprise that this car is extremely fuel efficient. I mean, bobsledders figured out that this design was aerodynamic a long time ago.

But Volkswagon took that extra step and made a bobsled with a diesel engine. It is, in fact, actually a car. It seats two (arguably), gets roughly 235 miles per gallon of diesel fuel and is perched at the very cutting edge aerodynamic technology. Of course, this comcept car has been around since 2002, and we're still no where near seeing it on our roads.

The car's technology comes from it's unique shape and it's ultra-light body. The frame is actually made of magnesium, an extremely light metal, and the outer skin is generica cialis reinforced with carbon fiber. The one cylinder engine is made of aluminum and sits on top of purchase viagra the rear axle. The car is only a bit more than three feet high and weighs less than 700 lbs.

It might seem like a death trap and, if you got in a head-on with an SUV, it would be. But the car is surprisingly safe for its size, employing an excellent roll-avoidance system that makes the car virtually impossible to flip.

So...the car of the future was officially here four years ago. It could have been (and maybe still could be) a whole new class of vehicle. But nobody wants the passenger to straddle the driver in what looks to be the lowest priced levitra child of a VW Bug and a bobsled. The technology is in our hands. We choose not to use it.

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