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EV Rental Cars

EV Rental Cars, as yet, doesn't actually rent any pure electric vehicles, but you can certainly get your hands on a hybrid with no problem.  The company currently only rents three cars, the Prius, the Civic Hybrid and cialis online pharmacy the Highlander Hybrid.  What they won't rent is anything else.  They rent low emissions vehicles only, though, the highlander is stretching things. Anyhow, it's an interesting idea. 
For now, it's an idea that only seems to work in California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) though they've got one in Pheonix now, and soon to be in Las Vegas.  It's also a good place to pick up used hybrids if you're in the market (and in California.)  They've got a fleet of over 350 cars now, so they've gotta have quite a few up for sale.

Lutz Says Hybrids are Good for Press, Little Else

The Vice Chairman of GM wanted us to know exactly why the auto-giant is headed for the dirt.  In a recent interview with Just-Auto, Lutz implied that hybrid vehicles are a useless technology that the American people have been duped into desiring.  And the Hummer is...I don't know, a very sound financial decision?

"[Hybrids are] the popular thing to do, many people believe that if we all drove hybrids the world would suddenly get cooler again and then it's the patriotic thing to do because if you drive a hybrid you will no longer be funding the Arab terrorists, and so forth."

Many people believe also that the internal combustion engine is a hundred-year-old, dangerous, outdated technology that our society is deeply dependent on cheapest tramadol drugstore and needs to be phased out.  No...he didn't say that. 

Lutz continued, "so, with all those beliefs out there, you have to viag ra canadian chemist do a hybrid for public policy reasons."

Right, apparently you don't have to have a hybrid because they're selling well.  Because selling cars has nothing to do with what GM does.

Solar-Powered Car Cooler

On a hot day in Florida, you might as well be baking cookies in your car.  The sensation of  damp skin sticking to hot pleather is not something I miss about the Sunshine State.  But now there’s a solution, a partial solution anyhow, that harnesses the very power that causes car-broiling. 

wndow_solar_power_fanThis cute little solar powered fan clips onto the top of your window, blows out the hot car-trapped air, and sucks in ambient air that is a mere 98 degrees.  Apprently it can reduce the temperature inside the selling cialis online car by as much as 25 degrees. 

What I want to see is a device that harnesses the in-car heat and converts water into hydrogen or something while cooling the car off.  I guess this is canada generic viagra a good first step though.  Priced at around $30 at Froogle.


Tesla Roadster Officially Released

This is what 40 million dollars in venture capital can do for the electric car. We at EcoGeek will never tire of small goofy-looking electric cars that work wonderfully in the city. But sometimes, it's nice to see things mixed up a bit...and mixed up with some spice!

  • 0-60 in four seconds
  • regenerative breaking
  • 250 miles a charge
  • $100,000 sticker price
  • 248 HP
  • 125 MPH top speed
  • 6,831 Lithium Ion cells
  • 53 kW-h of storage
  • Two Seats
  • Convertible
  • 2352 mm wheel base
  • Based on the Lotus Elise

I don't care who killed the click now cialis on line electric car, this is what'll bring it back to life. Why market a new idea to the masses when they obviously don't want it. Market it to we like it generic viagra in canada the rich, and then, eventually, everyone else will get one when they're affordable. Or, at least, that seems to be Tesla's philisophy. We certainly can't argue with all the pretty pictures.


The 45 mph Mega-City (and I can't seem to stop talking about the Tesla Roadster)

While I'm waiting for the last half an hour before the Tesla Roadster is officially released, I figured I'd blog about a very different electric vehicle hitting the streets of London.  The brand new Mega-City is a two seater from the NICE Car Company (No Internal Combustion Engine, which I agree is nice.) 

Everything about the car is lower than the Tesla Roadster, so it's hard to be excited about the Mega-City on this particular evening.  The range is less than 50 miles and the top speed is around 45 mpg.  I imagine the pricetag is about a tenth that of the Roadster, but I'm not in the market for any kind of tramadol online drug sites new car right now, so (since it's all just dreams anyways) I'm leaning away from the Mega-City. 

Of course, as the name implies, this car is for city driving, specifically for London driving, as that's the only place it's being marketed.  Either way, today sees two completely different approaches to a darned good idea and that's enough to get an EcoGeek downright excited. 

Excited enough to stay up for 20 more minutes until the Tesla Roadster is unveiled.

Via Hugg


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