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L.A. Auto Show: Good Morning Mr Wagoner

This morning, as Rick Wagoner finished his keynote speech at the L.A. Auto Show, a couple of guys showed up on stage and medication tramadol 50 mg took control of the room for a couple seconds. "Mr Wagoner, we are very excited to hear about all of viagra prescription label your commitments to green technology, will you sign this pledge to make GM the most fuel efficient automobile company by 2010?" The response was curt but friendly, "I think my speech spoke for itself." Rick actually then posed for some pictures with the guy and nobody got punched, headlocked, arrested or even kicked out.

The good news is that GM made a lot of very exciting announcements today, and that the activists recognized that. But their point is online levitra cheap still valid. GM has a very inefficient fleet, and has been slow to go after real-world, short-term solutions.

The Saturn Vue 2-mode hybrid, the promise of a plug-in version in the next few years, and maybe more interesting news on the horizon for Detroit are all far more near-term than their commitment to fuel cell vehicles. And, until today, we hadn't heard that kind of commitment to currently available near-term technologies from GM.

It's very comforting to see the interaction between activists who realize that auto companies are starting to move in sustainable directions, and auto-companies who are starting to realize that sustainability is extremely important to their business. It's like cats and dogs furtively cuddling in the chilly dawn of ecological instability. I find it extremely encouraging and kinda adorable.



An EcoGeek in Los Angeles

Flying in planes is bad, which truly struck home at 2 am this morning, as I realized that my hotel room was going to discount brand name cialis be a square of carpet in the SEATAC airport. However, despite personal and ecological sacrifices, I have come to Los Angeles to cover the Los Angeles Auto Show.

This is something that EcoGeek couldn't have done without help (a plane ticket to LA costs more than all of our profit ever.) But some industries are very lucrative, and really like to share. General Motors paid my way out here and is taking care of the hotel bill as well. General Motors is very good at paying bills, much better than they are at abandoning internal combustion engines. 

Today, for example, I watched Tiger Woods and Rick Wagoner unveil a new luxury SUV, the Buick Enclave. I got to talk with the guy who lead the Enclave's design team. The car is really very beautiful, but as you might guess, it isn't really innovative at all. I also found out that my favorite guy, Bob Lutz, owns a freakin' fighter plane.

While the Enclave is link for you viagra testimonial definitely not directed at the EcoGeek audience, there might very well be some exciting announcements tomorrow. I'll try and keep you all updated as the day goes on.

Japanese Dual Mode Train

These Japanese buses are definitely hybrids, but it has nothing to do with their power. These things are bus-train hybrids. The vehicles are designed to viagra canada pharmacies run on the roads in less dense areas (where there are no train lines, but also not much traffic) and then easily pull onto a train line, pop down it's metal wheels and speed down the rails during rush-hour traffic in high-density areas.

The design allows for economical and speedy mass transit in a country that sorely needs it. The Bus-Train will be hitting the tramadol for dogs safe rails in 2007, servicing a tourist route. But the JR Hokkaido hopes to use them mainly to bring mass-transit into rural areas.

Greening Diesel Info

hybridYahoo! has an article about the green-ness of diesel automobiles. It's nice to see mainstream coverage with a green perspective in something that is a little longer than a 3 paragraph piece.

This probably won't have anything new for a die-hard diesel maven, but that's not us. There are lots of cialis next day other vehicle technologies that we're more excited about, overall, but it's good that advances in other areas are being matched in the diesel realm, as well.

There is no mention of bio-diesel in the article itself, which seems an oversight for the topic, but there are a couple of linked articles about biodiesel that have some information.

And, it is worth noting that some of the environmental concerns about diesel (higher soot and buy viagra where NOx emissions) are also due to be addressed in new emissions requirements starting in the 2007 model year. So, at that point, diesel will be an even more environmentally friendly option than it currently is.

Diesel's not as sexy as some other transportation technologies, but the likely availability of biofuels for it makes it worth keeping an eye on.

via: Yahoo!



Yamaha: Fuel Cell Scooter in Mid September

scooterIt isn't much use to have something that runs on fuel cells yet, so you probably won't want to buy this fuel cell scooter that Yamaha has created. That is, unless your local gas station has a methanol pump.

However, it is a pretty sweet machine, with an excellent power conversion ratio. The prototypes Yamaha has created will be leased to a prefecture in Japan who, apparently do have plenty of methanol on hand.
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