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$40,000 Electric SUV Has 250 Mile Range

That was me trying to fit a story into a headline and buying real viagra without prescription I think I did a pretty good job. The only really important number I left out was 2007, which is when the first 500 vehicles will be made available by Phoenix Motorcars, a California Company that specializes in all-electric vehicles.

The cars are powered by Lithium Ion batteries, which are somehow (this technology is getting very advances (and confusing)) significantly different from the ones used by Tesla and consumer electronics companies. Advanced battery technology is the keystone of the electric car right now. They weren't good enough when the EV1 came out, and now we have to cialis generic sale worry that the expanded potential of Li-ion comes with the risk of 'thermal runaway events,' that could melt a cars to the pavement. This SUV, though expensive, can charge in 6 - 7 hours at any electrical socket, and could easily save thousands of dollars a year in gasoline costs.

I have a really hard time figuring how these small start-ups can do this, while large auto-companies can't manage an extra 50 miles of range, crash test the thing, and bring it to market. In the next five years, I bet we'll see it, but it really shouldn't have taken us this long...
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The Odds of Dying

I just spotted this cool graphic that National Geographic produced a while back. It shows the chances of dying of various different diseases (the big red line represents the chances of dying of something (1 in 1) and the smaller circles represent your chances of dying of particular ailments. I would like to call attention to the 4th circle. That's right, motor vehicle accidents. It's worth noting that pedestrian and motorcycle accidents are not included in that (though they are also, technically, motor vehicle accidents) and they come in at number 8 and number 10 repsectively.

So, there you have it.  If you don't stop will kill stop.   Video games are more fun, and much less dangerous (people dying of video games doesn't even make the list, and, with the Wii, you might actually get a workout!)

LA Auto Show: Take Home Message

Well, this was my very first auto show, so I have nothing to compare it to, but my overwhelming feeling is that it was a good one. I drooled over the levitra online india high performance cars with their sequin-clad beauties. I got up-close with the Tesla Roadster, talked with executives from several auto-companies, and finally met some fellow members of the online media. I saw Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, most importantly, I felt a lot of excitement surrounding what I think is actually a kind of revolution of the automobile industry.

Now, I could be wrong about this, maybe every year seems revolutionary, but there was an overwhelming theme of this conference in my eyes, and it's one that has a lot of power. Diversity.

In Rick Wagoner's keynote, he pointed out that 100 years ago there was no standard way to power an automobile. Electric cars, steam cars and gasoline cars all shared the market. Now, that's not so much the case, but it's becoming obvious that gasoline is going to have to give up its monopoly on powering transportation.

The choices are expanding every year. Ethanol and bio-diesel are already interfering with petroleum's hegemony, and synthetic fuels are hot on their heals. BMW's new Hydrogen 7 lets the driver choose between hydrogen and gasoline while Honda is, for the first time, getting ready to release a fuel cell vehicle to the public market.

GM's Flex Fuel line lets people fill their tanks with gas or E85, the Tesla Roadster will soon be available as the first all-electric performance car and compressed natural gas vehicles, that you can fill up in your own garage, are becoming viable options as well.

I could be wrong, but I think I just mentioned around seven different ways that cars will definitely be powered in the viagra generic canada pharmacy future. Electricity, hydrogen combustion, hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas, ethanol, bio-diesel, and synthetic fuels...yep, seven. And that doesn't even include different types of powertrains and electricity storage.

People had fewer choices in 1990 than in 1910, but now, they have more. Diversity and choice is what this world needs right now. 100% reliance on gasoline does not work and every major auto manufacturer seems to recognize that. I thought the LA Auto Show was going to just be pomp and fluff, but it was a bunch of real people with good ideas who are  excited about the future of wow)) cialis no rx required their industry. Honestly, I'm excited about the future of their industry as well, and I hope it comes soon.

LA Auto Show: Hummer Wins Environmental Design Award?

Yes indeed! Hummer went up against eight other environmentally aware concept vehicles of the future and came out victorious. The awards ceremony was a little disappointing due to lack of any actual substance, but I guess that's what awards ceremonies are.

The Hummer O2, which is a fuel cell powered concept that is soft levitra housed in algae-filled panels that 'give back to the environment' by converting CO2 to oxygen, won EcoGeek's "Most Peculiar Design" award a while back. While it is quite cool, we're still voting for the Toyota RLV, which is an electric vehicle that can also be powered by petals, when you're in the mood to save energy and get a workout.

Maybe we're focusing too much on how plausible the vehicles actually are. A vehicle that actually decreases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is a pretty cool idea. Even if you could get the same effect by filling a few two liter bottles with lake water and putting them in the sun.

LA Auto Show: GM Announces Commitment to Saturn Plug-In Vue

The Saturn Vue is a small SUV with sleek lines and good gas mileage (for an SUV). Already, the car has a hybrid option, and the LA Auto Show has seen two exciting announcements concerning the Vue. First, the 2007 Vue Hybrid will have significantly increased fuel economy, from 20% better than the buy generic levitra online non-hybrid to over 40% better than the non-hybrid. But, of course, the most exciting news is that GM is committing to a plug-in hybrid Vue. Simply, an expanded battery pack will be charged at home, and the electrical motor will run more frequently, significantly increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

The specs aren't out yet, and neither is the release date. But GM is the first major auto company to release plans to produce a plug-in hybrid.

General Motors has repeatedly stated that it's not a huge fan of hybrid vehicles. The hybrid drivetrain, they say, is redundant, thus making the vehicle heavier, more complex, more expensive and more difficult to service an recycle. This is absolutely the truth, but besides a true EV, there aren't any other low emissions technologies out there...yet. With the plug-in Vue, I see an actual commitment to exploring technologies fast (though significantly slower than hobbyists, of course.) We'll see where this vision carries GM in the future, and whether they'll be the first company with plug-in vehicles on brand levitra price the road.
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