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Georgia School Bus Gets Hydraulic Makeover

A group of Georgia Tech students are converting a school bus into a hydraulic hybrid, a technology that works best with large vehicles used in stop-and-go driving conditions, like delivery trucks and, of course, buses.

The hydraulic hybrid bus uses a diesel engine to power a pump that charges an accumulator.  When the bus  is accelerating, the accumulator then powers the hydraulic motors with built-up pressure, but when it's braking, the pump motors reverse and recapture that energy.  UPS introduced delivery trucks with this technology just a few years ago, but what makes this school bus stand out is buy levitra no prescription required that it will also run on recycled biodiesel from used cooking oil.

The converted bus, destined for Atlanta's Mary Lin Elementary School, will result in a 20 percent fuel savings over a traditional bus.  The team estimates the cost of generic cialis canada one conversion at $20,000, but if an entire fleet were converted, the cost would go down to more like $8,000 - $10,000 per bus.  With the steady rise of diesel prices, the return on investment could be as little as five years.

This particular project was funded through a $50,000 grant from Ford to prove the cost and energy saving benefits of this technology to viagra in australia for sale public schools.

via Wired Autopia

GM Assembly Plants Going Solar

General Motors has taken a number of significant steps to make their vehicles greener, and they are doing similar things with their manufacturing plants, as well. This week, the company has made two announcements about using rooftop solar arrays to power its manufacturing facilities.

The Detroit-Hamtramck plant, which produces the Chevy Volt, will be having a 516 kilowatt solar array installed on six acres of land on the south side of the plant as part of a cooperative venture with the local electrical utility company, DTE. Using power from the solar array is expected to save GM $15,000 per year.

At the same time, a new plant under construction in Maryland to produce electric motors will have nine percent of cialis canada online pharmacy its power provided by a 1.23 megawatt rooftop solar array. The plant, which should open in 2013, also produces heavy-duty and hybrid transmissions.

Although these aren't total green transformations, bear in mind that these are large, industrial manufacturing plants. Reducing the electrical power demand by nearly 10 percent is a significant step, even if the percentage seems small in comparison to other kinds of projects.

image via: Chevrolet Voltage

via: Solar Thermal Magazine


Better Place Coming to China

Better Place has entered into an agreement with Chinese utility China Southern Power Grid to levitra on sale bring their battery swap stations to the Asian country.

The first phase of the partnership will bring a battery swap station and an education center to city of Guangzhou by the end of the year.  By that time, more details of larger infrastructure projects between Better Place and the utility will be formalized and China will be well on its way to a booming EV infrastructure.

The State Grid Corporation of China only recently declared that it would like to see 2,300 battery swap stations in the country by 2015.

Better Place founder Shai Aggasi sees this partnership leading to a shift in Chinese EV manufacturing to switchable-battery cars for both the Chinese and international markets, which will mean more demand for Better Place's technology globally -- a true win-win for both parties involved.

via Autoblog Green


EV Charging Stations Springing Up in Major Retailers' Parking Lots

Two major retail companies have announced that they're ramping up the installation of look there viagra discount prices EV charging stations in the parking lots of their stores, meaning EV drivers around the levitra 10 mg country will soon be able to only today discount generic cialis fill up while they run errands.

Walgreens, in a partnership with NRG Energy, has already begun installing charging stations at stores in the Houston area of Texas, and now the company has announced that it will be adding the service to 18 of their stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area too.  Two types of stations will be available:  a high-speed charger that can provide 30 miles of battery range in just 10 minutes and slower Level 2 chargers that provide about 25 miles of range in an hour.

Expanding out of Texas and in a separate venture with 350Green, the drugstore is installing 30 such charging stations in the Chicago area.

The other company providing convenient charging locations to shoppers is Simon Property Group, the largest owner of retail property space in the country - mainly shopping malls and shopping centers.  The company has begun installing chargers at shopping centers in Florida and California, with plans to expand the service to its properties nationwide.

via Yale e360 and Chicago Sun-Times


Hypermiling Race Car Gets 2,564.8 MPG

At the Shell Eco-marathon, a race of best place viagra fuel efficiency, the team from Université Laval in Quebec took top honors with a race car that squeezed out an amazing 2,564.8 mpg.

At the Eco-marathon, speed and performance aren't important, but going as far as possible on a single gallon of gasoline is.  The winning team has held top honors for three years in a row with their Alerion Supermileage three-wheeled, one-person vehicle.

The Alerion looks like it belongs on a monorail track.  It consists of a carbon fiber frame designed to put aerodynamics first and it only comes up to about knee-high from the ground.

While such a design is completely impractical in real-world situations, this team could teach the major automakers a thing or two about maximizing aerodynamics and efficiency.  After all, the second place finishers were 766.1 miles behind them.

via Wired


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