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An EcoGeek in Detroit...Woah.

Hello All.  Aside from not being entirely certain that this trip is commensurate with my values, I am very happy to free overnight tramadol be in Detroit right now, about to attend the viagra order North American International Auto Show.  
This very moment, I could be at the GM style event, cavorting with the likes of Mario Lopez and viagra online shop uk other not-very-famous famous people. And while I greatly respect his work as A.C. Slater, as well as the guy who introduces the funny animal videos, I decided to stay in for the evening.
NAIAS promises to hold a lot of good news for green drivers and geeks alike. In two and a half hours, EcoGeek will be releasing pictures of an innovative concept electric vehicle from General Motors that could very well change the entire automotive industry. 
I hope you all understand that there is only one way for me to cover these events, and that's to take GMs money. They offered me a plane ticket and hotel room for the show, and I accepted. If you would like me to, I will ask their VP of environment and energy horribly difficult questions like "What do you do when you are ashamed of your company," and then, if you really want me to, I'll bite my thumb at her, but I would feel bad about it, because she's really a very nice lady.
I think it's important that bloggers cover these mainstream press events, if only to bring the generic levitra cheap true ridiculousness of the entire enterprise into perspective. And it is ridiculous I mean, really, Mario Lopez?
But who can deny that what happens at these shows really does change the world. What happens tonight at 12:01 will help GM become a profitable company once again, and it will help our country become less dependent on fossil fuels. How could I argue with a free ticket to witness this? I hope you all understand.

Chevy's Concept Electric: The Volt

{mosimage}Well, here I am in Detroit, patiently waiting the midnight deadline for releasing information about the new Chevrolet concept electric car and, BANG, the New York Times and the TimesOnline and the Chicago Tribune have all broken the embargo.  What happened to bloggers being the ones who disrespected journalistic embargoes.  Now we're all being nice about it while the frikkin New York Times is bustin' out the news!
Well, the news is cialis pills out, there was even a picture of the visit our site viagra one a day thing in the Chicago Tribune.
Alas, I am going to selling levitra online keep the embargo and not mention anything damning because, well, it's only a few hours until midnight anyhow. So come back at 12 am EST and I'll have all the juicy news about the new electric that might very well change our lives.   We'll have pictures and interviews tomorrow.

Toyota Hittin' the Hybrid Sports Car?

On January 10th, I'm going to be in Detroit for the Auto Show. I'm able to do this because of the wisdom of PR people at General Motors. They know that blogs are important, and they know that we can't afford to go to auto shows, so they pay for us to go, and then we say they're stupid when they're stupid and they're great when they're great. General Motors will, no doubt, be both stupid and great in Detroit, and I will keep you all informed of that progress.

Toyota, however, is somehow being both stupid and great in one car. They'll be releasing the FT-HS hybrid sports car concept. The car is expected to hit 60 mph in four seconds with around 400 horsepower. Now, that's impressive, but, in my opinion a waste of the best site levitrabest levitra an electric motor. The car's performance will be increased much more than its fuel efficiency.  But, I suppose, if people are going to be buying these ridiculous power-wheels, then they should be as efficient as possible.

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Lotus to Design Obvio Tribrids


Obvio, a Brazillian car company that has been manufacturing light-weight, high-efficiency 'tribrids' (natural gas, gasoline, and ethanol burners) has just partnered with Lotus to design their next round of vehicles. This is extremely good news because Lotus has a lot of experience designing light-weight attractive cars. Obvio, on the other hand, had some experience of it's own, designing extremely ugly light-weight cars.  Best of luck to buying viagra online canada the new Obvios there's a good chance they'll be for sale in a nearby metropolitan area in the next year.




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Think Cars may be an Online Only Brand

While we wait for electric cars to show up in showrooms across the country, Think EVs may go on sale through the internet. To me, it seems like the next best thing to throwing in the towel completely. The cars, which have two seats and an 80 mile range, apparently can only reach a very specific niche market of Americans. So, instead of risking all the bananas on building showrooms in metropolitan areas, Think has decided just to sell its cars on the internet. No test drives, no curb appeal, just browse and buy.

It's not the best way for an automobile company to break the idea of a city-only car into the American consciousness. I guess that's why we love Zenn so much.
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