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EcoRide Bus Offers 600 Percent Improvement Over Diesel

The EcoRide BE-35 is a lightweight, composite body transit bus with battery-electric drive that offers a 600 percent fuel efficiency as compared to a typical diesel bus. A test fleet is currently in operation near Pomona, California, and other tests are being planned for San Antonio TX and Tallahassee FL later this year as the company seeks federal validation in order to follow link on line pharmacy begin large scale production.

Although buses are an efficient way of moving numbers of people, a typical diesel bus only gets less than 4 miles per gallon (but that makes it equivalent to 40 passenger miles per gallon if there are 10 riders on the bus). Hybrids increase the efficiency to about 4.5 miles per gallon, which can be significant for a transit authority's operations, but is still not a drastic improvement. The EcoRide, however, gets the equivalent of 24 miles per gallon by running solely on electricity.

Power storage for these buses is in lithium-titanite battery packs with a capacity of 54 to 72 kWh. The EcoRide buses have a 40 mile range, and can be recharged in just 10 minutes using a roof mounted system called FastFill that was also developed by the company. While the EcoRide doesn't have the range for a typical full day of operation (generally 80 to 100 miles), its ability to quickly recharge could make that less of an issue.

GM Ventures, the investment and viagra generic development arm of i need viagra today General Motors, has just invested $6 million with Proterra for continued development of the EcoRide. Whether GM will seek a larger stake in the company, or seek to incorporate Proterra's technology into its own systems remains to be seen.

via: GM Press Release


Ford Tripling Its EV Production

Ford Motor Company is buy levitra on line going to increase the number of electrified vehicles it builds to herbal alternative to levitra more than 100,000 units annually in 2013; three times the current level of production.

Ford will be producing five different EVs in 2013, including the Transit Connect Electric van, the Focus Electric - which begins reaching customers later this year, plus the two new C-MAX vehicles (C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid), and a fifth, as-yet unnamed hybrid.

While this is still only a small part of Ford's total production (Ford produced 1.9 million vehicles in 2010), it is becoming more than a fraction of a percent of the company's effort. If Ford built the same number of vehicles overall in 2013, it would mean that more than 5% of its production would be electrified vehicles.


Southern Oregon Getting EV Quick-Chargers in First Phase of rx online viagra "Green Highway"

As part of the Green Highway project where California, Oregon and Washington are partnering to turn Interstate 5 into the first alternative-fuel-friendly freeway in the U.S., AeroVironment is installing Level 3 EV quick chargers along the route in Southern Oregon.

For this first phase of the project, from the California state line to the Willamette Valley, 150 miles of the highway will have convenient access to EV chargers that can fully charge a battery in 30 minutes.  Eight interchanges will be picked based on common destinations, vehicle range and driving distances.  The chargers will be installed by the end of the fall.

The Green Highway will ultimately run from San Diego to Vancouver, B.C. and will feature not only EV charging and battery swap stations, but alternative fuel filling stations for biodiesel, compressed natural gas and hydrogen.  The project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

via Engadget

Booms Used in Gulf Oil Spill Recycled Into Chevy Volt Parts

A majority of the miles upon miles of plastic oil booms deployed to soak up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill have ended up either in landfills or are destined to be burned for fuel.  GM has come up with a way to keep a large chunk of those booms from that same fate by recycling the material into parts for the Chevy Volt.

GM will turn a total of 227 miles worth of oil booms into material for the Volt's air-deflecting baffles that surround the women viagra radiator.  A centrifuge spins the used booms to release the oil and the plastic material is then processed and remolded to discount viagra pills be used in the air deflectors.  The program will divert 212,500 pounds of boom waste from landfills.

The air deflectors are made of all recyled materials, including the booms, recycled tires from a GM test facility, recycled packaging plastic from a GM plant and post-consumer recycled plastic.

via Earth 911


GE Unveils 6-Car, Solar-Powered Charging Station in Connecticut

GE has unveiled a six-car, solar-powered charging station in Plainville, CT at the company's facilities.  The six Level 2 chargers capable of fully charging 13 cars a day and five cars at a time.

The solar carport is able to produce enough energy to power about 20 homes for a year and what doesn't go to charging EVs will go to the grid.  When the charging station is try it viagra best price overloaded, it will take back from the grid if necessary.

The station is currently a working demo of their technology and only open to the 300 employees who work at the GE facility, but may open to the public soon.  GE hopes to build similar charging stations across the country.

via The Hartford Courant and MSNBC

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