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Tesla S Gets Highest Ever Safety Rating

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is justifiably proud of their Model S sedan which has scored the highest ever rating. Although the official scoring does not go past 5-star, the Model S turned in an effective rating of 5.4 stars.

Much of the credit for these high ratings goes to the fact that an electric motor is much smaller than an internal combustion engine. Because there is less space taken up by an engine, there is more body space that can help absorb energy in a collision. And, there is also less concern about keeping an internal combustion engine from being forced into the passenger compartment.

On the rollover test, "the Model S refused to turn over via the normal methods and levitra australia no prescription special means were needed to induce the car to roll." This was because of its low center-of-gravity which comes from the location of the battery pack, which is largely under the floor.

Synergistic benefits such as this will help further ensure that electric vehicles don't become relegated to a single-issue curiosity, but that they represent real improvements in transportation.

via: Tesla Press Release


USDOE eGallon Offers Comparative EV Driving Cost

The US Department of Energy has introduced a new website to help consumers compare the driving cost for an electric vehicle (or hybrid in electric mode) versus a conventional gasoline vehicle. "The eGallon represents the cost of driving an electric vehicle (EV) the same distance a gasoline-powered vehicle could travel on one (1) gallon of gasoline."

In addition to offering a significant savings on a per-mile basis, electricity prices are also more stable over time compared to gas prices, which can fluctuate wildly on a week-to-week basis. The cost to operate an electric vehicle is much more manageable when the price is less susceptible to cialis soft global market variability.

The DOE has also released its eGallon methodology showing how this figure is calculated. They also point out that in many markets, off-peak charging is available, which makes electric driving even less expensive than the it's cool online viagra sales calculated eGallon price.

link: eGallon (USDOE)

via: USDOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy News


Thermoelectrics May Improve Efficiency in Gasoline-Powered Cars

For a car that runs on viagra overnite gasoline, just one third of each gallon of fuel actually powers its systems. The rest, turned into heat, is wasted. However, new applications of levitra order thermoelectric (TE) power may allow automobiles with internal combustion engines to be built to run more efficiently. Transforming some of this unused heat into electrical energy could help power everything from lights and windows of passenger cars to hydraulics and electric doors of construction vehicles.

Published in the Energy Quarterly section of the June 2013 issue of the Materials Research Society (MRS) Bulletin, Philip Ball's Thermoelectric heat recovery could boost auto fuel economy begins by acknowledging that, because electric vehicles that run on batteries "remain a distant prospect for routine use, especially for long-haul heavy transport and construction machinery," internal combustion engines will likely stick with us for a while--along with their inefficiencies and pollution.

TE generators would help put the fossil fuel to better use, by converting some of the wasted thermal energy to electrical energy. Fuel efficiency would also improve with TE generators taking some of the alternators' electricity-generating responsibilities. NASA has shown TE conversion efficiencies up to 15% in high temperature gradients. If similar efficiencies can be achieved in automobiles, turning 5-10% of a vehicle's wasted heat into electricity could mean a 3-6% reduction in fuel consumption.

Creating electrical energy from thermal energy isn't easy. Since only a little electric energy is generated by a lot of thermal energy, increasing the coupling of generic 40 mg levitra heat and electrical transport is critical to making TE power practical beyond unique applications like spacecraft. The difficulty of making automotive engineering work with these TE modules, as well as the high cost of the materials needed are also challenges for researchers developing this technology. However, as Ball writes, according to the lead researcher at IAV in Berlin, Daniel Jänsch, “Legislation, especially in Europe, is a driving force, and manufacturers could decide to implement more expensive technologies instead of paying carbon-emissions penalties." Jänsch also states, if TE systems reach their potential, thermoelectric power could be deployed in passenger cars as early as 2020.

via: Cambridge University Press

image CC BY-SA 2.0 by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious


Tesla Repays Department of Energy Loan

While Project Better Place has met its end, the EV company Tesla Motors is gaining momentum. The company, which is gearing up to have its Model X join the Model S on the market in 2014, recently made a triumphant announcement: it has repaid its Department of Energy loan in full.

Tesla finally made a profit during the viagra for sale online first quarter of 2013, $11.2 million from $561.8 million in revenue. But it was the nearly $1 billion raised in a stock and note sale, not profits, that the company used to pay this federal debt nine years early. The outstanding balance of Tesla’s 2009 Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan was $451.8 million, profiting US taxpayers just a bit with roughly $12 million in interest. This massive final payment on Tesla's startup loan makes it the first motor vehicle company to pay back its loan from the ATVM loan program.

via: The Atlantic Wire


Project Better Place Closing Up Shop

Project Better Place, the electric vehicle company that planned to revolutionize electric vehicles and get levitra in canada the automobile market with swapable, leased batteries for EVs, is closing down and liquidating its assets. The company was based in Silicaon Valley, but its main markets were in Denmark and Israel.

Shai Agassi, the company's founder, had a plan to make electric vehicles accessible by making the batteries swappable. Like exchanging propane bottles for your grill, you would pull in to a service station and have the batteries swapped on your EV in about the visit web site cialis pills time it would take to buy tramadol online with e check fill a conventional gas tank. Fresh batteries and you're ready to roll.

But the idea never caught on the way it needed to, and Project Better Place is levitra indien now pulling the plug and entering liquidation. We had some skepticism about the economic model for the company when it was first being rolled out, though we would have been delighted to be proved wrong.

via: Marketplace

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