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Cheaper, Cleaner Diesel Emissions

The catalytic converters that reduce nitrogen oxides and other harmful emissions help keep the air clean, but rely on rare and expensive minerals such as platinum and palladium, which increases the overall cost of vehicles. But an alternative, that does not rely on these expensive materials, offers better performance and at a lower cost.

Using a synthetic version of a material called mullite, researchers found that the the best place buy cialis online australia pollution levels from diesel engines were up to 45% lower than those using conventional platinum catalysts.  Although it is a synthetically created material, it is still less expensive than the rare minerals which are currently used.

One unanswered question is whether the same materials can also be usefully applied to conventional gasoline engines, to provide cleaner exhausts from those vehicles at a lower cost, as well.

image: public domain - US EPA/Wikimedia

via: R&D Mag


California High Speed Rail Project Gets Funding to Go Ahead

For years now, the plans for a high-speed rail network in California have been out there, inching forward slowly with occasional financial roadblocks along the way. But now it looks like the first phase will actually start construction soon as a measure to viagra ordering on line raise funding through a municipal bond sale has passed in the California state legislature.

A recent vote approved the bond sale that will raise $4.5 billion total, with $2.6 billion of that going toward the wholesale generic levitra initial stretch of the rail network. That first phase will be a 130-mile section that connects Madera and Bakersfield in the state's Central Valley. The next phase for the network will be to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco with trains traveling at 220 mph, and then ultimately span all the way from San Diego to Sacramento. The network will include major stops in between and connect into existing railway infrastructure.

The bond sale also includes $1.9 billion for improvements to regional rail networks like electrifying the Caltrain San Jose - San Francisco commuter line.

via CleanTechnica


2013 Chevy Volt Adds Miles to Its Range

The new 2013 Chevy Volt, which goes on sale in August, will have added miles to its electric range and greater efficiency overall. GM tinkered with the chemistry of tramadol online online tramadol online the lithium-ion battery pack as well as its size and composition to get it to tramadol with no prescription an EPA rating of 38 all-electric miles, up from 35 for last year's Volt, getting the car ever closer to its own target of 40 miles of electric range.

The additional range has led to a nice jump in the electric fuel rating to 98 mpg-e from 94 mpg-e. The gas engine will deliver 340 miles of range once the levitra alternative battery has been depleted.

Avoiding specifics, GM's director of Global Battery Systems Engineering Bill Wallace compared the battery to a cake batter, saying, "We’ve done some work at the cell level to modify the ‘ingredients’ to make a better end result."

The downside of this slightly extended range is that the battery will take a smidgen more time to charge. Using a 120-volt outlet, the battery will charge in 10.5 hours up from 10 and if using a 240-volt charger, drivers will be looking at 4.25 hours up from 4 even.

The good news is that even with upgrades the price of the Volt will remain the same at $39,995.

via Gizmag


All-Electric Sea Plane Takes Flight

A single-seat, all-electric sea plane has successfully taken its first test flight. The FlyNano was originally designed as a hybrid electric/petrol engine "fun flyer" craft, but with advances in batteries and electric motors since its debut over a year ago, the FlyNano has instead gone all-electric.

The FlyNano features a lightweight carbon-fiber body and has a cruising speed of 87 mph. The rudders are controlled by pedals and the throttle and steering are controlled by a stick. The one thing it's lacking? A windshield. But the link for you cheap cialis on line company is using this as a selling point with the philosophy of "feel the wind" and recommending helmet and goggles when flying.

Sea planes aren't exactly high priority on the list of transportation modes we'd like to viagra india see get an all-electric makeover -- it's pretty equal with electric jet skis -- but any transistion away from fossil fuels is generic cialis online canada welcome and, well, the sea plane is pretty cool.

The Finnish makers of FlyNano hope to get the plane on the market by the end of next year with a price tag of $40,000.



Prius Now Third Best-Selling Car in the World

If you thought you were seeing Toyota Priuses absolutely everywhere these days, you were right. The hybrid car has gone from a small, niche vehicle to global top-seller in just over a decade.

High demand in the U.S. and Japanese incentives for domestic vehicles were driving factors in the Prius hitting the third-best selling mark in the first quarter of this year, where Toyota sold 247,230 of the vehicles globally and cheap viagra order online 86,027 in the U.S. alone. The expansion of take cialis the Prius family to include four models of vehicles also drove up sales.

Number one Toyota Corolla, number two Ford Focus and the rest of the top five best-selling cars were all smaller, fuel-efficient sedans, which shows a global consensus that fuel efficiency is a necessary feature in a car.

The fact that the Prius has gone from an "alternative vehicle" in 2000 to a full-fledged mainstream car in 2012 means that same evolution is just as achievable for the all-electric models that have hit the market in the past couple of years, especially as charging infrastructure spreads across the cailis canadian farmacy country and around the world.

via Bloomberg


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