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Finding the buy generic ultram Green Cars at NAIAS 2013

The environmental focus from the past few years of cialis soft canada car design and generic cialis in india marketing has largely evaporated in this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Even more than last year's show, green cars are comparatively few and far between in the displays at Detroit.

This is not to say that green technology is absent from this year's show. While the cutaway vehicles that showed how hybrids work are mostly gone, the hybrids and other green vehicles are still a part of many manufacturers' lineups. For a visitor who has seen several of these shows, the increase in fuel efficiency requirements is apparent with more cars that get over 30 MPG, but it is disappointing to find that there are also still many cars with performance under 20 MPG.

Some automakers that have previously had notably green cars as part of their mix in previous years have nothing highlighted in this year's show, including Volvo and Audi. And the technological angle has taken a backseat, overall, to presenting cars as part of a lifestyle. The theme park aspect of last year's show is also far less of a presence, with only a few interactive ride-style displays.

For other builders, green cars have become significantly mainstream. The Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius and other green cars are simply integrated into the overall manufacturers' displays, and prominent 'eco' badging and side decal identification of green cars is largely absent. The emphasis is no longer on tramadol medlineplus these cars as special offerings that are somehow significantly different from the rest of the line. They now sit as just another car in the manufacturers' range of generic viagra companies offerings.

Despite this general trend, there are some interesting new concepts being unveiled this year, as well as green technology arising in some unexpected places. We'll have more specific reports on some of these forthcoming.

And, for the us cialis most overused graphic of the year, we'll nominate the car driving on a computer-generated ribbon that then dives and twists like a roller-coaster. Only partway through the first day of the show, and we've already seen this too many times.


Road Trains Could Allow Driverless Green Travel

The idea of self-driving vehicles has been getting increasing attention on several fronts. Google's self-driving car is perhaps the most widely publicized example, but other options are under development at various stages. Volvo is working on a different approach, with cars that are not completely autonomous, but that can safely follow others in a close formation known as a road train.

In a road train, vehicles equipped with wireless connectivity and buy cialis canada control equipment will be able to follow other vehicles in close formation, with a lead vehicle being driven by a human driver. Computers and sensors will monitor the convoy, and automatically follow the lead vehicle with safe clearances. Once a vehicle is part of a road train, the driver can can switch their attention to other things.

Road trains would offer a number of benefits that are beneficial to viagra online for women the environment as well as to drivers.

Fuel mileage will improve, as vehicles stay at the same speed (acceleration reduces efficiency). Cars can safely drive more closely to one another, and will benefit from lowered wind resistance. With groups of cars moving at predictable speeds, congestion will improve. And the stress of online pharmacy propecia renova the daily commute will be alleviated, with time in the car to read or relax.

The Volvo system has been undergoing testing for the past several years. A video presentation from Volvo shows vehicles operating on a test track to demonstrate the workings of this system.

Hat tip to: Jaymi Heimbuch


Spark EV Introduced at LA Auto Show

Chevrolet is introducing an electric version of its Spark small car. The Spark EV is being called a "high tech electric city car," and its initial rollout is being aimed at urban markets and areas with a growing infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Driving range numbers, which are usually a concern for potential electric vehicle drivers, have not been included in the GM press release, although the company claims it will have some of the best EV range. The Spark EV will optionally offer a new fast-charge system which allows the battery to be charged to purchase cheap cialis 80 percent of capacity in about 20 minutes. The SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability is a new industry standard, and the Spark EV will be the first electric vehicle to offer it in North America. The Spark EV will also have a "confidence gauge" that shows the expected driving range based on driving habits and other conditions.

Spark EV is powered by an advanced electric motor and battery system. It consists of a GM-designed, coaxial drive unit and electric motor that together deliver 130 hp (more than 100 kW) and 400 lb.-ft. (542 Nm) of torque for instant acceleration; and a more than 20-kWh lithium ion battery is cheap viagra on line expected to provide among the levitra to order best EV range performance in its segment.

The Spark EV is a 2014 model, and will initially be available in California and Oregon, as well as in Canada and South Korea and "other global markets." Pricing for the Spark EV, according to GM, will be less than $25,000 with tax incentives.

via: GM Media


German Cars Are the Next Wave of EVs

German carmakers are catching up to what other manufacturers are doing, and seem to be coming out with several models incorporating electric drive. According to reports from the Paris Auto Show, an electric drive Mercedes B-Class will be brought to tramadol cod the US market. And a hybrid Volkswagen Jetta is also scheduled to be available for the 2013 model year. An all-electric VW Golf (which will be based on the newly introduced 2014 Golf) is expected to be released as part of the 2015 line, as well.

The concept version of the Mercedes B-Class shown in Paris has almost 125 miles (200 kilometers) of range and can reach a top speed of 93 miles per hour (150 kph). The vehicle uses lithium-ion batteries for power storage, but the capacity of cialis on sale the batteries has not been released. The battery powered B-Class will be available in 2014.

The hybrid Jetta has a 1.4 liter gas engine along with a 27 HP electric motor. It can travel at speeds up to 44 miles per hour (70 kph) in all-electric mode, and has an estimated combined fuel economy of 45 MPG. Deliveries of the hybrid Jetta are slated to begin at the end of this year.

These moves come even as other automakers are pulling back from pure electric drive vehicles. Even if they aren't a large part of these manufacturers' lines, the electrification of automobiles will continue, and this will give these manufacturers further insight and customer feedback about how these vehicles are or are not meeting consumer needs.


Downturns in Pure Electric Vehicles

There have been a couple of signs recently that consumers may not be quite ready yet for pure electric vehicles (EVs), or at least that manufacturers still have some work ahead of them to be able to provide an EV that has all the features that consumers want.

Toyota has drastically cut the number of eQ cars it plans to build to only about 100 vehicles, down from several thousand as were initially planned when the vehicle was first announced. (The eQ is an all-electric variant of only today real cialis without prescription their small iQ car.) But the company is far from abandoning vehicle electrification altogether. Toyota has also announced plans to have 21 different gas-electric hybrid models in its line by 2015. It is the all-electric vehicle that the company does not see as a viable market at present.

Meanwhile, a group of Nissan LEAF owners in Arizona got together to test their vehicles on very good site levitra 20 mg their own to online prescriptions without prescriptions viagra show the company that their vehicles batteries are prematurely losing capacity and are not able to reach the promised driving range. The LEAF owners felt that they were not getting sufficient responses to their complaints from the company and decided to take matters into their own hands. The hot Arizona environment was a particular concern from the outset, since the LEAF does not have a battery cooling system.

Electric vehicles certainly have niches in which they are an excellent option. But in many ways, they are not perceived as ideal for the wide range of driving that many people do. As automakers make improvements, these perceptions may well change, and more people will take up EVs. But there are a lot of ingrained consumer habits that will take more than a couple years to overcome.

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