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MAY 31

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"hank green owes you about ten columns. thanks, jennie!


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Green drivers sleep a little cheaper

Kimpton Hotels has decided to start rewarding the owners -- and, more importantly, renters -- of green cars by offering discounts on generic soft tab viagra its hotel stays. The program is called the "Green Road Warrior Package" and is currently available in Boston, New York, and Washinton D.C.
Kimpton has a list of 15 hybrid models that qualify for the discount, which lasts until September. So as you eye your summer dream vacation and low price levitra rising gas prices, rent a green car and count on saving a little on your hotel stay.  
Via: Treehugger

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hank owes you...
written by a guest, June 01, 2006
hank green owes you about ten columns. thanks, jennie!


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