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Carbon Neutral Pizza Delivery

No one can say no to pizza, so it's too bad that it takes so much fossil fuel to get it delivered to my front door. That's why a Las Vegas Domino's pizza joint has started using ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) Xebras to only today effect of levitra on women deliver pizzas to their customers. The cars, provided by the Electric Vehicle Company (EVC), will allow Domino's to save money on gas and buy levitra uk also do tramadol dogs good for the environment. Currently being run as a feasibility test, Domino's hopes to find ways to be a "responsible consumer of our planet's natural resources"

In any case, it seems like a great marketing tool. That little bugger stands out way more than a cheap sign mounted on top of a random car. Hopefully this program expands to more locations. I'd buy a pizza just to see one.

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How about using motorcycles instead?
written by Hun Boon, May 11, 2007
ZEVs are all very nice, but how many can afford them? Who knows what will happen after this trial ends.

In any case, wouldn't motorcycles be more practical? They can zip through gridlocked traffic and return excellent mileage too.
Cool Lookin Car
written by John Barrie, May 11, 2007
This car looks a lot like an Isetta, my favorite car. While not really a 3 wheeler, it comes really close. Reminds me of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion car too.

0 distributes this vehicle
written by IsleVegan, May 12, 2007
from a chinese manufacturer, i believe
written by Dwindle, May 15, 2007
This device runs entirely on electricity - which comes from burning fossil fuels.
It is in no way generates less emissions than gas powered cars, horsepower for horsepower. Being that it is technically running on coal, it is even less eco friendly.

It also tops out at 40mph (65kph), and can travel a mere 25 miles.
a minneapolis pizza shop has been a step
written by metis, May 22, 2007

and they're not an ultraright company like dominos.

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