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APR 17

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"I would have been more interested in a fuel that does not pollute and buy cialis online canada ..."

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Coal is discount cialis prescriptions the viagra no perscription New Diesel

A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina has demonstrated a new method of converting coal into diesel fuel. The results were released with the usual media-manipulating fanfare and heralded as a source of "green diesel."

"Green diesel?" Come again?{mosimage}

Isn't that a bit like calling a slap a "polite punch?"

According to a National Geographic report
, the scientists used a compound chemical process to rearrange the carbon atoms in coal, yielding ethane gas and diesel fuel. The resulting fuel "is much cleaner burning than conventional diesel, even cleaner burning than gasoline," according to a Rutgers University chemist Alan Goldman, cited in the report. The technology relies on two chemical processes, one of which independently was awarded the Nobel Prize last year. So it's clear this is world-class science.  

But green? Ecogeeks remain skeptical.

Wait, no, actually, we just don't like it.

With oil prices gyrating regularly to how can i buy cialis in canada new highs, and no evident end to turmoil in the Middle East, a process to convert coal to a usable motor vehicle fuel could certainly solve our oil dependencies. After all, the U.S. is awash in coal—only  two to three percent of overnight cialis generic our in-ground energy reserves are liquid. Most of the rest is the plain old stuff those bluegrass tunes are always whining about.
But converting coal to gas or diesel is not new. It's just expensive. It's still cheaper to buy oil from the follow link purchase cialis online Saudis than it is to get it through existing coal liquifecation processes. And then you have to dig it up somewhere here in the U.S., convert it, and then burn the resultant fuel in a car, yielding climate-changing emissions and, depending on the formulation, sulfur and other nasties.
When ecogeeks say "alternative energy," they usually mean sustainable sources of energy. When industry says "alternative," they're talking about whatever alternative is most cost effective at replacing oil. Even if it's modestly less polluting form of diesel.

There's no guarantees the successor to link for you online viagra prescription oil will be a clean electric car or bicycle. It might just be the same old stuff, made some other way.
We love advances in material and chemical sciences. But for now, maybe we can stick to calling plant mass-derived biodiesel "green diesel."
And call coal-derived motor fuel, um, I don't know, how about diesel
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it is clean burning actually
written by Jay Tee, February 09, 2007
They mean 'green diesel' in that it is probably low sulphur..... like the diesel they are making from natural gas at one refinery in the middle east.

You still have to do something with all the carbon from the coal, however.
written by foreign online pharmacy, October 08, 2007
I would have been more interested in a fuel that does not pollute and a fuel that does not empty my pockets with every fill up.

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