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JAN 06

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"Didn't I see you hanging with Mario Lopez on the 72nd floor? Or, was ..."

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An EcoGeek in Detroit...Woah.

Hello All.  Aside from not being entirely certain that this trip is commensurate with my values, I am very happy to be in Detroit right now, about to attend the North American International Auto Show.  
This very moment, I could be at the GM style event, cavorting with the likes of Mario Lopez and generic cialis from canada other not-very-famous famous people. And while I greatly respect his work as A.C. Slater, as well as the guy who introduces the funny animal videos, I decided to stay in for the cheap viagra professional evening.
NAIAS promises to hold a lot of the best site cheap cialis uk good news for green drivers and geeks alike. In two and a half hours, EcoGeek will be releasing pictures of an innovative concept electric vehicle from General Motors that could very well change the entire automotive industry. 
I hope you all understand that there is only one way for me to cover these events, and that's to take GMs money. They offered me a plane ticket and hotel room for the show, and I accepted. If you would like me to, I will ask their VP of environment and energy horribly difficult questions like "What do you do when you are ashamed of your company," and then, if you really want me to, I'll bite my thumb at her, but I would feel bad about it, because she's really a very nice lady.
I think it's important that bloggers cover these mainstream press events, if only to bring the true ridiculousness of the entire enterprise into perspective. And it is ridiculous I mean, really, Mario Lopez?
But who can deny that what happens at these shows really does change the world. What happens tonight at 12:01 will help GM become a profitable company once again, and it will help our country become less dependent on fossil fuels. How could I argue with a free ticket to we recommend cialis ed witness this? I hope you all understand.
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written by Preston, January 07, 2007
Am I the only one awake reading this? This is funny. Thanks for the quality coverage, Hank.
Mario Lopez and Hank
written by Scott, January 09, 2007
Didn't I see you hanging with Mario Lopez on the 72nd floor? Or, was that you and the Spanish Maxim guy?

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