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JAN 15

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"This does not surprise me at all! It really proves that the motor indu..."

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Auto Show - Less Green in 2014

As we've done for the past several years, EcoGeek went to this year's North American International Auto Show (the Detroit Auto Show) to see what is cheapest cialis prices new in clean and levitra rx green transportation. However, this year's displays continue to cash on delivery for tramadol move away from a focus on environmental awareness as a major selling point. This has seemed to be the discount levitra trend over the past few years. In retrospect, it seems that the peak of the green focus was probably the 2009 Detroit Show.

Green isn't gone entirely. MPG is still a factor that is touted at some brands, but it seems to matter no more than other numbers like horsepower or cargo volume that manufacturers use to compete with one another. Electric drive continues to work its way into more and more cars (with mild hybridization becoming more common). But cars are not green-focused the way they were a few years ago. The fact that Ford has five different hybrid and electric drive vehicles would have been a big story just a couple years ago, but now it is just part of a major automaker having a complete line.

Where once they seemed like an outsider, Tesla seems to have developed into a mainstream member of the club. For this year's display, Tesla had two of order cheap levitra their Model S coupes and display panels about interior finish choices; the Roadster was not in sight. The only non-traditional manufacturer on the display floor this year was VIA trucks, which had vehicles in three different places. Michelin (who has always been a major sponsor of the Detroit Show) and a couple other parts suppliers also had space on the main floor, but not to the extent as during the depths of the economic decline.

The common theme across much of the show this year was the engine-on-a-stick. It's not that it hasn't been done before, but it seemed to be much more prevalent. Lots of "here's what the engine looks like," and usually nothing, or very little, in the way of explanatory text to accompany it. Overall, the show did seem to be moving back toward a more car-centric focus on the basic stuff that the core car-people really love. With that in mind, it's not at all surprising that the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray was named Car of the Year.

The driving course on the lower level is gone this year, as well. When it was introduced a few years ago, there were literally dozens of viagra for cheap different vehicles, primarily electrics and hybrids, that could be driven, to introduce the public to the experience of driving a vehicle with something other than a gasoline engine. Over the past few years, this became less and less of a feature, and is now completely omitted from the show.

Although green cars have largely become a sideline, rather than the canadian rx cialis focus of the Auto Show, the fact that they have become a part of most manufacturers' lines should be taken as a sign of progress. There certainly were some interesting new vehicles at this year's show, and we will take a more detailed look at some of these.

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written by Kurt, January 17, 2014
The market for green cars is tiny, so it is understandable that the auto manufacturers are turning away from them. Green cars don't represent good value for money for consumers either because it is unlikely that the higher cost of a green car will ever be recovered by lowered running costs over the life of online drugstore without prescription the car.

This situation will not change until gas costs a lot more than it does now, or governments pass laws limiting the use of gas powered motor vehicles.
Green Marketing and Environmental Awareness
written by Mi Muba, January 20, 2014
This is the shortcoming of green marketing all across the globe. It directly focus the environmental aspect of the product without knowing the environmental awareness level of its target audience. Secondly it can't afford to do cialis online canada no prescription extensive green marketing by first enhancing the environmental awareness level and visit web site canadian pharmacy online then highlighting the canada levitra generic green features of a product.
I think overall green marketing is doing well to promote green products and it will take a little time to fully keep abreast of conventional products' marketing.
written by Jim Ball, January 23, 2014
There is no such thing as a green car. Period. A high level of personal mobility is environmentally destructive, regardless of womans levitra the fuel being used. We must consider the massive amount of infrastructure required to enable us to cheap cialis sale online no prescription drive from any place to any other place in relative comfort, when we want, and as often as we want (and being "connected" the whole time).
written by Jay Banks, January 30, 2014
I'd say the thing is that introducing (more or less) green cars was really a "green marketing" (great term, by the way!) point, not the real core-effort of the companies. A few years ago it was a race of "let's make this, they already have it" and now that everybody has "it", there is not such space or need to compete. Or, so to say, there is the space, but not the will.
on average MPG is improving
written by Brian Thomas, February 06, 2014
Between 2004 and 2013 the average mpg for cars sold in the United States climbed from 19.3 to 24.6. This is a substantial increase. Is it enough? No. Are any fossil fuel burning vehicles green? No. But this is improvement. I think the the idea of "green" needs to change fundamentally so that more sustainable choices are the norm and not the fringe. Tesla is making electric cars sexy... they are on to something...
Auto Show
written by Abautomatics, February 26, 2014
This auto show was not like that what was expected from it. The new engine designs are not so environment friendly. They are not designed by keeping the green factor in mind in fact they are designed to increase horsepower of the engine. The electric car uses the only technology that was environment friendly. Every car engine designers
must keep green factor in mind while designing engine, so that pollution from running these vehicles can be reduced.
Does Not Surprise Me
written by Jubilee , May 19, 2014
This does not surprise me at all! It really proves that the motor industry are not at all bothered about being green.

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