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JUN 27

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USDOE eGallon Offers Comparative EV Driving Cost

The US Department of Energy has introduced a new website to help consumers compare the driving cost for an electric vehicle (or hybrid in electric mode) versus a conventional gasoline vehicle. "The eGallon represents the cost of driving an electric vehicle (EV) the same distance a gasoline-powered vehicle could travel on one (1) gallon of gasoline."

In addition to offering a significant savings on a per-mile basis, electricity prices are also more stable over time compared to how to buy cialis in canada gas prices, which can fluctuate wildly on a week-to-week basis. The cost to operate an electric vehicle is much more manageable when the price is less susceptible to global market variability.

The DOE has also released its eGallon methodology showing how this figure is calculated. They also point out that in many markets, off-peak charging is buy levitra online uk available, which makes electric driving even less expensive than the female viagra jelly calculated eGallon price.

link: eGallon (USDOE)

via: USDOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy News

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written by proweb365, July 03, 2013
Thanks US Department of Energy for the website. It will be very useful for us to check out the energy price
MEA was first
written by Mercedes, July 09, 2013
The Maryland Energy Administration came out with a system like this first and using viagra is arguably more useful,and addresses can be input from anywhere in the US. It's working looking at if you liked the DOE website.
check out MEA's EVNomics
written by Mercedes, July 09, 2013
The Maryland Energy Administration developed a very similar system before DOE, and it provides more information. Check it out here: and while it uses average costs in MD, any locations can be used to calculate the commute

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