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JUN 18

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"The Big Three car companies should take a lesson from Tesla. Too bad t..."

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Tesla Repays Department of Energy Loan

While Project Better Place has met its end, the EV company Tesla Motors is gaining momentum. The company, which is gearing up to have its Model X join the Model S on the market in 2014, recently made a triumphant announcement: it has repaid its Department of Energy loan in full.

Tesla finally made a profit during the first quarter of buy viagra cheap generic 2013, $11.2 million from $561.8 million in revenue. But it was the c o d tramadol nearly $1 billion raised in a stock and no prescription note sale, not profits, that the company used to pay this federal debt nine years early. The outstanding balance of Tesla’s 2009 Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) loan was $451.8 million, profiting US taxpayers just a bit with roughly $12 million in interest. This massive final payment on Tesla's startup loan makes it the first motor vehicle company to pay back its loan from the ATVM loan program.

via: The Atlantic Wire

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Model for other auto makers
written by Tula, June 21, 2013
The Big Three car companies should take a lesson from Tesla. Too bad they're still saddled with unions, who oppose progress and efficiency. I'm hoping my next car is a Tesla.

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