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APR 23

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"U G L Y, why do they always make those EV's so spit ugly?? Back 2 the ..."

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New Mitsubishi EV Has Improved Range and buy cialis soft online Style

Mitsubishi, which was one of the first mainline automakers to buying cialis without a prescription build a production electric vehicle, has unveiled a concept vehicle, the CA-MiEV, which has twice the range of the Nissan LEAF, and three times the range of its own predecessor, the I-MiEV, and it may do so at a lower price.

The CA-MiEV is supplied with a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery and is only here real cialis without prescription driven by an 80 kW (107 horsepower) electric motor. It will have a driving range of 300 kilometers (186 miles). It also has a wireless charging system that will allow the vehicle to recharge when parked in its spot, without having to be physically connected to an outlet.

Like many other EVs and hybrids, this also has the ability to connect with a smartphone or tablet so its cabin can be pre-conditioned before the driver arrives, and charging can be managed remotely. Regenerative braking, improved lightweight materials, and a very aerodynamic shape are also all factors in the improved efficiency of the new vehicle.

It's a better looking car than its predecessor, as well, although that is often the case with concept cars. With its far greater range, Mitsubishi is promoting this as a viable suburban EV, rather than just a city vehicle. There is not yet information about when, or if the CA-MiEV will begin production.

link: Mitsubishi Press Release (PDF)

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written by Mo, April 23, 2013
These electric cars are being made better and more efficient. What they need to do is bring the price in line so they can compete in the market place
written by rob, April 25, 2013
agree..although the levitra without perscription prices have been coming down, but the variance from gas to we choice order prescription cialis hybrid model is still a big price jump. Plus they're all looking more bubble like..
written by Jim Tam, May 03, 2013
The electric cars is the best solution for cars due to the gas in high price step by step. Will looking forward the electric cars with price coming down.
love it
written by Jim Tam, May 03, 2013
nice design and the fuel of electricity. Hope for the price going down and the public can buy and use it, and no need to pay high cost for the gas.
written by Jerry, May 17, 2013
Nice looking car, but for those who live outside of major cities a pure electric will not work unless you have very quick charging ability. Until such a battery systems arrives range extended will be the buy real viagra online without prescription only option.
The expected range needs to be corrected.
written by Dan, May 18, 2013
There is absolutely no way they can get 186 miles out of a 28 kWh battery. The Leaf gets 75 miles out of a 24 kWh battery an extra 4 doesn't get you an additional 100 + miles. There is no way they were using the US model for calculating the range. Remember the Prius (standard not plugin)is rated at 48-51 in the US and is rated above 90 in Japan. Their test cycle is nowhere near a real world expectation.
So I would guess it is closer to ... somewhere between 90 and 100 miles which is far better than their previous model and a nice bump above the Leaf.
So minus the miscalculation, it is a very good improvement on looks and cialis 100mg range. Well done! If it is cheaper, better range and looks better, I don't see why it wouldn't sell.
question? Does CA-MiEV mean California only?
written by Dan, May 18, 2013
Title says it all...
Are they just considering it as an California car only? The old one was national. This should be also.
written by Dxtrty, May 18, 2013
U G L Y,
why do they always make those EV's so spit ugly??
Back 2 the drawing board please.

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