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MAY 07

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"Here's food for thought... The first electric vehicle charging statio..."

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Major Automakers Team Up on Fast Charging System for EVs

A group of eight major German and link for you viagra headaches American automakers are teaming up to demonstrate a new single-port, fast-charging technology for electric vehicles at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 in Los Angeles. BMW, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler and Porsche will all be showing off the system that can recharge a battery in as little as 15 minutes.

The system can accomodate AC and DC charging and has been chosen as the International Society of Automotive Engineers' official standard for fast-charging. The system will go on sale by the end of the year and will allow American and German EVs outfitted with the port to recharge at most public charging stations and at quick-charging stations. EVs featuring the new port will start going on sale in 2013.

Having a standardized charging port is a huge step in creating a mass market for EVs. This allows all German and American automakers to conform to a single style of port that supports both AC and DC chargers. This means EV charging companies can start developing and selling more fast-charging systems because the cars on the road will be equipped to use them and if potential customers know that fast-charging is minoxidil propecia nizoral an option, they will be more willing to tramadol delivered cod opt for the EV over the gas-fueled car.

Japanese automakers have come up with their own fast-charging standard, but hopefully the two groups can come together and all EVs will feature the same charging port soon.

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Very promising
written by Bill, May 08, 2012
This is very good news. smilies/grin.gif Hopefully this will also help speed the usefull link cheap canadian pharmacy development of refilling stations as well. 15 minutes is not that long at all. Hopefully this gains traction and really takes off. smilies/cool.gif
Where? What?
written by Eco Mouse, May 10, 2012
Where is the information on this plug type? Who is making it? What are the specs? I would like to incorporate this plug design into my upcoming line of Battery Powered Cars.
written by Beverly, May 17, 2012
I think it would behoove all to have one style of port.(Makes me think of my drawerful of chargers; this for this gadget, that for that!)
Austrian Electric Vehicle Drivers Can Rent Charging Stations
written by Linda Bailey, June 06, 2012
Here's food for thought...

The first electric vehicle charging stations with accounting systems have been installed in residential neighborhoods in Austria, according to an article on the Gas 2.0 website (

The Family Construction and Housing Association, in conjunction with Wien Energie, has installed five standard ports plus one quick-charging port. Austrian EV drivers can rent the ports, giving them a place to charge their electric vehicles without the cost and hassle of having one installed for themselves.

Actual usage is calculated in kilowatts per hour and tracking is done through a TANKE card provided by Wien Energie. The company claims that all of the power used at the charging stations is coming from completely renewable sources.

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