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MAR 30

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"Definitely, the sound system in electric cars will help to provide an ..."

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The Sounds of Electric Vehicles

For some, electric vehicles are too quiet, and consideration is already being given to requiring EVs to be more audible. Eventually, the outcome from the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of hydrochlorothiazide levitra 2010 is likely to require that electric vehicles make some sound, at least at low speeds, to help provide an auditory signal to pedestrians, cyclists, and others in order to canada super viagra improve safety. Even sighted people rely on audible cues to know that a vehicle is nearby.

In my recent test drive of the forthcoming Volkswagen E-Golf, I immediately noticed that this car makes noise. The purr made by the E-Golf is a variable tone (that sounds like a "young Wookiee" according to Autoblog Green). It is characteristic and it's cool pfizer cialis uk distinctive, and seems to relate to engines and motors while not being a usual engine sound.

I had this car roll up behind me as another test driver came back from their loop in the car, and I would likely not have been aware of the car's presence without the sound. In general, I think it is effective, and not annoying or intrusive. It communicates its presence and it changes with the speed of the vehicle, which is pill price levitra something that happens naturally with a conventional engine, as well.

But, when driving this car, I found my perception of the sound was as something external, rather than part of the car I was driving. At one point, as I was about to pull out onto the pharmacy on line viagra road, I heard the sound increase, and I momentarily hesitated, because the sound seemed to be from outside, as though another vehicle was coming, rather than the sound seeming to viagra no prescription delivered in canada be related to teh car I was driving. Almost immediately, I realized what it was, and that the road was clear, and I continued on. But the sound was behaving differently enough that it gave me that brief pause.

This was only an intial impression, and I only spent 10 minutes or so in the car. Very likely, a regular driver of one of these cars will become accustomed to the sound and how it relates to the car. I don't think I would have any problem acclimating to it if I was driving this car regularly. But to me, it is indicative that the development of sound for EVs may have subtleties that will need to be worked out in order to find the right way to propecia sale provide sound cues from electric cars.

[Ed. Note: Volkswagen paid for the travel and lodging for my trip to SF where I gathered some of the information for this story.]

image credit: Volkswagen

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You're lucky you didn't get a ticket
written by Sam Vilain, March 30, 2012
The wheels on that car are not curbed and the grade of road is more than 3%. That's a $40 fine in San Francisco!
written by gas processing, March 31, 2012
Well I think that it is good point to discuss. I agree on best place to purchase viagra online that the EV's have to provide some sort of sound in order to improve safety.
the electric would have some sounds
written by Mike, March 31, 2012
For my expriences,the electric car would have some sounds when it moves,like the elctric powered motorcycle,the only problem is the sound is too small to warn others.
written by John, March 31, 2012
Maybe they should connect the sound producing system to the accelerometer and GPS system, so that every time a car slows down and very good site cialis discount prices drives into an inhabited area it produces a sound that other road users can hear. The system could be shut down automatically through GPS (and/or manually) when a car enters a highway or freeway system, killing some major noise pollution, especially if you happen to viagra delivered overnight live near such systems.
written by Andreas, March 31, 2012
Imagine someone finds the ultimate solution to noise pollution, and everyone says: oh no, we are so used to the sound, we need it back. I'd rather have my car play music in a mood matching the speed and weather, than emulate engine noise.smilies/angry.gif
written by Amy Thomson, April 01, 2012
I have a Prius. I keep a bicycle bell in the side pocket of my car door to use to alert oblivious pedestrians to my presence. It seems nicer than the horn.
written by Xelto, April 02, 2012
In many neighborhoods, stereos are the accepted way to let people know you're coming...

Honestly, I fully expect that electric cars will quickly have a selection of custom sounds-- with the option to download more, for a small fee. There will be arguments over whether or not car sounds should sound like "real" cars, or be synthetic sounds, or music. Apple, Amazon, and other musical outlets will get into the picture, offering both music and synthesized sounds.

And no, I'm not joking about any of top internet cialis web sites this.
written by VPC, April 02, 2012
As we drove our brand new 04 Prius off the dealer's lot, in electric only mode, someone walked in front of it!

Great car, 50mpg all day long on the highway with 4 people and luggage, but still a problem!
A Better Sound
written by fencerdave, April 03, 2012
Can we just all play Ice Cream Truck music? It might be confusing for a while, but we can use the money we save on gas to click here buy levitra in england buy ice cream, too!
written by Kol Drake, April 05, 2012
Too bad they can't make them make that 'turbo whine' aound they used to use in 70s sci fi movies.

written by Katie Fletcher, April 10, 2012
Well! I think this is a fab opportunity to look at the psychology of sounds. I have Ice cream van as a ring tone, very funny reaction.
I have pondered the price of propecia idea for a while and have come up with the following:
- Galloping hooves
- George Jetson'c car from The Jetsons (obviously)
- Tasmanian devil
- Roadrunner (including the MEEP MEEP)
- A Formula 1 car
- A steam train

You get the idea. No sound is offlimits!

Personally, I am waiting for the electric car that looks like a 1950's Plymouth
written by Hyundai India, April 20, 2012
Definitely, the sound system in electric cars will help to provide an auditory signal to pedestrians, cyclists, and others in order to improve safety. Even sighted people rely on audible cues to know that a vehicle is nearby. This will helpful for the safety and to avoid the accidents.

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