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Tesla Model X Will Be Unveiled February 9

Tesla won't be producing its all-electric SUV until 2014, but luckily we'll get a look at the design far sooner than that, though later than originally announced. Tesla is pharmacy cialis set to unveil the Model X prototype on February 9 at its design studio in California, just a few short days away.

In a filing with the SEC, Tesla said that it was "designing the tramadol onformation Model X to incorporate the functionality of a minivan with the consumer appeal of a sports-utility vehicle." This leaves quite a bit of room to imagine its design.  With both the Roadster and the soon-to-be-launched Model S, the carmaker pulled right from the luxury car style sheets.  No doubt that the Model X will have that luxury feel too, but it will be very interesting to cialis 20 mg see what details Tesla will add to set it apart.

Even more importantly, what new performance specs will we get when the prototype is revealed? Check back on February 9 to see what we learn.

via Inside Line

Image via Tesla Motors

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