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Predictive Parking in Pittsburgh

Finding a parking space in downtown Pittsburgh is an easier prospect with the use of a new system called ParkPGH. The system, which is connected to 10 lots which together comprise 25 percent of the parking structures in the downtown area, monitors and cialis india pharmacy predictively determines the viagra cialis canadian pharmacy best parking location for drivers looking for a place to leave their cars.

Unlike other parking monitoring systems which only report on viagra suppliers uk current conditions at local parking lots, ParkPGH uses an algorithm designed by Dr. Robert Hampshire at Carnegie Mellon University that considers historical data as well as current conditions to predict where spaces will be when the driver arrives.

While at this point it may be more a convenience for drivers than a significant tool for cutting emissions and reducing drive time, developing systems like this to help route traffic can lead to more efficient travel, with the correspondingly reduced emissions and time savings.

image: CC 2.0 by Snowmanradio

via: Architect magazine

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