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Toyota Unveils the we recommend order cialis online Plug-In Prius

Toyota has unveiled a new plug-in version of its hybrid Prius for the 2012 model year. Although the aftermarket has been offering conversion kits to allow it, and Toyota's competitors have come out with a variety of plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids, only now is Toyota producing a hybrid vehicle that can be recharged by plugging it in.

Almost since it was first released, Toyota has been working on numerous new versions of its iconic Prius, but it has taken until recently for any of these to reach the public. We've seen concepts for other Prius options, and Toyota is now bringing these to the market. In addition to the new plug-in version, there is also the original Prius, and the larger Prius v.  Also, Toyota will also be bringing out another version called the Prius c in 2012.

The plug-in Prius now uses lithium ion batteries, rather than the nickel metal-hydride batteries in earlier models. The 4.4 kWh battery will give the new Prius a range of 15 miles at 62 miles per hour (about 24 km at 100 kph) in electric-only drive*. The car "is expected to achieve a manufacturer-estimated 87 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in combined driving and 49 MPG in hybrid mode."

hat tip to: @JaymiHeimbuch

[* edited to clarify range is for electric drive]

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written by Recycle Gal , September 19, 2011
Very exciting to see manufacturer's heading this direction, can't wait to hear the reviews! Toyota is doing amazing things
Very poor range
written by Simon, September 20, 2011
The article says the range is 15miles at 64 miles an hour. This is either vapid journalism or poor engineering.
written by P Proefrock, September 20, 2011
To be more clear, the 15 mile range is for electric-only drive. Thanks for catching that.
written by Robert, September 22, 2011
Once the battery is we like it cialis rx depleted and the engine kicks in, does the engine re-charge the levitra in canada battery as you drive? If so, once the battery is recharge does the engine turn off and return to battery power?
written by Patrick, September 29, 2011
To answer the last post. Once the battery is depleted (after ~15 miles) it will operate in traditional hybrid mode, the battery will not be recharged more than needed for hybrid operation. It would be a net energy loss if the gas engine were to recharge the battery and then the battery were to drive the wheels (energy into/out of enter site cialis buycialis onlin battery is not 100% efficient)
battery recharge
written by Sapoty, October 02, 2011
To extend Robert's question: why wouldn't it make sense to use any excess engine power from moment to moment to recharge the battery?

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