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JUN 16

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"@Moo You can google Vehicle-to-Grid and viagra online sales read all about it. You can a..."

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Denmark to professional cialis Pay EV Owners for Their Battery Power

Denmark will be the first country to start a program for EV owners that lets them earn money on power they feed to the how much is viagra 50 grid from their charged car batteries.  An EV owner could make as much as $10,000 over the life of the car.

US-based company Nuvve chose the country as the pilot for its Vehicle-to-Grid technology because Denmark has already made a lot of smart grid improvements to cater to intermittent energy sources, like wind power.  In September, the program will start with 30 cars outfitted with drive trains that allow a bidirectional grid power connection.  Many EVs are being built with this technology.

The program should expand quickly over the following months and participating Danes can start making some cash back on their EVs.

via Cleantechnica


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written by t9, June 16, 2011
They better include a maximum discharge limit, or else this is going to fail really fast. I would be so pissed if i went to obtain levitra without prescription my car only to find the grid had drained it down to nothing.
Is this a joke?
written by Moo, June 17, 2011
EVs suffer from lack of battery capacity, thus limiting their usefulness and range. How can anything which further reduces a car's range be useful.
written by BIll, June 17, 2011
You can google Vehicle-to-Grid and read all about it. You can also buy entire books on cost levitra the subject. Its a big deal with lots of potential.
Personally, I rarely drive more than a few miles a day so sharing a few of my stored electrons at peak hours and getting paid for it would be a good deal.
- bill

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