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JAN 19

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"Yet seems to me we're looking at another sport for rich people only. B..."

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Racing with Electric Vehicles


When we talk about electric vehicle racing, what likely first comes to mind are the distance and only here pill price cialis endurance races such as the American Solar Challenge. There are also a number of electric vehicle (EV) records that have been set, mostly in single vehicle flat-out speed trials, but now electrically powered racers are going to be taking part in an EV-only racing series starting later this year.

The EV Cup will offer a competitive race series using electric vehicles exclusively. Racers will be driving identical THINK City vehicles in the CityEV class (above right), and in the SportsEV class (above left), a custom style of open-cockpit EVs will be raced. Additionally, there will be racing in the PrototypeEV class which will be a series of viagra free trial pack time trials to demonstrate non-production EVs. The race promoters note, "With little design limitations and no weight or power limits, this class offers an exciting showcase for electric vehicles."

At present there are four races scheduled on different courses in England from August through October, and further races are being planned for the series to take place in Spain and Portugal, as well as one in the United States.

via: EERE News

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written by asaf shalgi, January 28, 2011
Yet seems to me we're looking at another sport for rich people only. But the environmentally aware type.

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