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DEC 21

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"It's very sufficient for the citizen of Paris because the trucks that ..."

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Electric Garbage Trucks Coming to Paris

Paris waste management is about to wow)) low cost viagra get cleaner.  The city will be getting 12 all-electric garbage trucks by the end of we use it genuine cialis online 2011.

The trucks are being built by PVI Electric Powertrain and will feature five strings of seven lithium-ion battery packs providing 250 kWh of energy.  The batteries will have a liquid cooling system to keep temperatures in line.  Each new truck will reduce CO2 emissions by 130 tons compared to a diesel-fueled truck.

Like city buses, or the hybrid street sweeper that just hit New York City streets, garbage trucks are well-suited for electrification.  They have fixed routes, travel at mostly slower speeds and have a lot of stops and starts -- conditions that allow battery power to really excel over diesel or gasoline.  The shifts that municipal trucks operate on are also perfect for fitting in recharging or battery swaps.

The electric garbage truck can pick up 16 tons of waste in two rounds of service before needing a recharge or swap.  The first truck will be introduced into the Paris suburb of Courbevoie and the next eleven will be in service within the next year.

via Wired Autopia

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Dog control
written by francois, December 22, 2010
Such a terrible waste of public money. Instead of cialis soft online ordering putting money into hi-tech garbage trucks, it would be far cheaper to institute a public education campaign to teach dog owners to daily levitra pick up their little darling's droppings and put them in the proper containers.

Did you know that each day Parisian dogs deposit 16 tonnes of feces onto the streets. Any visitor to Paris will know this to be true within 5 minutes of arrival by way of regular traction loss.
Cost and performance
written by Michael Magoon, December 23, 2010
I would be interested in seeing the cost and performance of the electric version compared to the diesel version to see how they compare. If they are about the same, this is a great thing. If not, then I wonder if it is worth the investment. Garbage trucks are very heavy requiring more power, so I would expect the battery costs to be very high.
Noise Reducing
written by Sebastian De la Maza, December 29, 2010
What about the noide reduction of the trucks? I supose that using electricity we have a noise reducing that is welcome to my city. I live in a building group & the garbage recolection is in the night, to much noising work.
written by Prince, December 30, 2010
It's very sufficient for the citizen of Paris because the trucks that will produce for them are extraordinary in utilizing the environment.

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