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NOV 15

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"Hybrid, EV, regular. Next time pick one kind of engine and go with it...."

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Is the Volt an EV or a Hybrid?


As the Chevrolet Volt begins rolling out (I found myself driving behind one for a few blocks last night) there has been some controversy over the question of how much of buying viagra in the santo domingo a hybrid is the viagra no doctor Chevy Volt?

Driving the Nation has a video clip from a GM presentation about the different operating modes of the Chevy Volt, explaining how it switches between electric motor, generator, and gas engine. All three components are in-line with each other, and this makes for a number of different power combinations that the vehicle can use. For example, at highway speeds, up to 100 mph (161 kph), the generator can be used as a second electric motor, allowing lower RPMs to drive the car more efficiently in a high-speed, all-battery mode.

But, in certain circumstances, it does appear that the gas engine is directly connected to the generator and, at the same time, is helping provide torque to drive the wheels. This has become a point of controversy in some circles, raising cries that "GM Lied" and that it is just another hybrid, rather than an electric vehicle.

What is more compelling for us, is that the engineering is how to get viagra online based on what works most efficiently, rather than trying to achieve some kind of rhetorical purity. As one commentor to the Insideline discussion noted, "I actually see this as an improvement over the 'original design.' Remember when everyone was stating how driving through a generator (once the batteries die or at constant speed) is less efficient than coupling directly to the ICE - here you go. Probelm solved by a simple clutch."

We see the primary issue to be one of making a very efficient vehicle, rather than insisting on making it solely electric drive. The Volt might not be perfect for everyone, but if it makes more engineering sense for the Volt to use gasoline engine torque in rare instances at high speeds, we do not see that as a failure at all. The category matters less than the developments that it offers.

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Hybrid - next question please...
written by JoshCT, November 17, 2010
Oh yeah, and it gets less total MPG then my Jetta TDI...

GM coulda had this market cornered, but they crushed the EV1. Screw em...
Semi-Parallel Hybrid is Better
written by Carl Hage, November 17, 2010
Actually, I'm surprised the gas engine in the levitra 50mg Volt isn't used even more. I agree, it shouldn't be rhetorical purity. I would have thought that the engine could also have come on to get extra acceleration, especially at higher speeds. (The electric motors have high torque at low speed.) With an engine available for certain cases where high power is needed, then that means the electric motor can be smaller and cheaper.

In the video they show how the 2 motors (the main motor and a motor-generator) transition to run electric-only up to 70mph. When the battery is depleted, the configuration of clutches allows "serial" operation, parallel like the Prius, and a configuration where motor-generator is locked to the ICE to drive the wheels most efficiently.
the engineering is based on what works most efficiently
written by hybrid, November 23, 2010
I like this approach, and yet GM have managed to build this and the driver has no additional operating tasks to perform. Wow! how do you think the public/journalists would have scathed GM had GM added to the Volt an additional button or toggle switch..
I think it is a hybrid, however not the best canadian pharmacy hybrid everyone is yelling about!! A new age hybrid..

It like the idea of adding a small solar panel to a vehicle, and instead of only now legal pharmacy online everyone crying that the vehicle is not fully solar powered the solar charges a small battery/capacitor bank. The stored energy is viagra testimonial only deployed for the initial acceleration where the watts draw is huge !
example of a portable solar vehicle:
Guess they should just stick to one
written by Asaf Shalgi, November 23, 2010
Hybrid, EV, regular. Next time pick one kind of engine and go with it. At the end, we'll be left with nothing.

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