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NOV 01

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"Doesn't make much sense to me. Way more drag and thus a lower efficien..."

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This Trailer Cures Range Anxiety and Totes Your Stuff

An India-based company called Electric Motors and Vehicles has developed what they believe is a great intermediate solution to EV range anxiety before a real network of EV charging stations is buring levitra online built. The concept is called the Pru and it's a self-propelled trailer containing an electric generator and batteries that attaches to an EV and keeps it charged on longer trips.

The creators of the Pru think that EV charging infrastructure won't grow as quickly as its needed with the introduction of new EVs on the road.  The Pru trailer, with its lithium ion batteries and 750 cc diesel generator, could allow an EV driver to click here indian generic cialis go 700 miles on six gallons of fuel -- a fuel economy of about 116 mpg.

The trailer would propel itself with a 240V DC motor, always matching the car's speed so there is no stress on the car's motor.  It would connect via a "Smart Hitch" that would send signals to the cheap viagra online canada speed controller based on the tugging or tension on the hitch.  A GPS unit would analyze the route's topography to maximize battery efficiency.

To top it off, the batteries and generator only take up a fourth of the storage space in the trailer.  The rest is left for whatever stuff you need to carry on click here 100mg cialis your trip.

The Pru is still just a concept with no prototype produced yet, but the company thinks that units will be ready by early 2011 and at a cost of buy levitra without a prescription about $15,000.

via Wired Autopia

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Nice Idea
written by Jeff C, November 01, 2010
I like the idea. People seem to think they need these huge vehicles for carrying stuff, but when I asked them what the last thing they hauled was, they don't seem to remember. I have had a Smart ForTwo for a year now, and it has been adequate for the space needs of 2 people. If I need a larger vehicle, I can borrow one from family, or rent one, but I haven't had the viagra pfizer need yet.

I don't think the self-propelled part of the trailer is prudent. Why have a complete drivetrain in the trailer and a complex controller to reduce stress on the hitch. In the off chance that one is hauling the trailer, they should be able to only here levitra for sale online accept the slower accelerations and levitra 100 cautious driving conditions that come with conventional trailers.

Using GPS to manage fuel economy is purchasing cialis with next day delivery a key feature I have been looking for in cars. It would be nice if cars learned the road conditions and shifted or did not shift according to what was coming up on the road.
written by Doc Rings, November 01, 2010
Hey...don't we have this ICT generator already built into an EV: it's called the Volt.

written by Justin, November 02, 2010
I could purchase a second hand Golf diesel for half that price, drive it for three years and still be way ahead in fuel savings.

As well, this is Indian. Indian manufacturing is not known for high standards of design and materials, in fact the reverse.
Drive Train
written by samcrut, November 02, 2010
Jeff, the drive train serves to propel the trailer as well as pump breaking power into the generic levitra sale battery bank. Regenerative breaking pretty much requires all the parts you need to accelerate the trailer so it makes sense.
written by CW, November 02, 2010
"A GPS unit would analyze the route's typography ..." It designs type?
Indiana not India
written by abasile, November 02, 2010
The company is in Indiana, not India! Big difference!
cool trailer
written by jonnymoble, November 03, 2010
i like that trailer! smilies/smiley.gif smilies/wink.gif
Just a curious bloke.
written by srormyweathersailorman, November 12, 2010
I think it's a great idea. We should own the EV car, and lease or rent the trailer when we need it. Just like renting a car. $ 15,000.00 is a lot of money for that. Make them for $ 8,000.00, and you have a winner.
Trailer could push a little
written by Drafty-01, November 12, 2010
Why not have the trailer actually decrease the load on the car by actually pushing it a little as well. It has the buy cheap online viagra drive train already, so it would just be a matter of setting a "load" on the tow hook that is a push not just to cancel the effort needed to pull it. This would really extend the range, and it's probably more efficient, as the power is being generated & used in the same place - the trailer. The car would pretty much just coast along in front of the trailer. When braking, the load on the hook would reflect the need to change direction, and help with that.
If it had a universal type connection - mechanical & electrical - it could be used for any car - even a standard petrol powered one. The possibilities are endless. The trailer could use some of viagra online without a prescription the signals from the car - particularly the throttle position sensor & speed - to gauge whether it needs to push & pull. Could something like this be made? The technology exists already – the only new aspect of this is the coming together of the technologies.

written by Karkus, November 12, 2010
and while we're adding pushing capability to the trailer .. let's add a steering wheel, and seats !

Oh wait, a trailer pushing would really screw up handling. And did anyone consider the aerodynamic drag (and tire drag) of adding a trailer? Obviously not, or they would have scratched the concept.

Seems like a lot of added complexity (and cost) just to add a little range. And the safety folks would never allow a high power/voltage cable between a car and a trailer. They're already freaked out about the nicely protected cables on the underside of hybrids.
written by Ashley W., November 13, 2010
This is a great idea, a good step towards practicality. Sure, electric vehicles are a great idea, but people aren't going to genuine viagra online want to purchase one if scientists can't think of ways to make them more practical, or if our government could put in place more gas stations where you are also able to charge your car. My only issue with the Pru is where will you put it? Like my family, we have three cars. If one of them were electric, and we had a Pru, we wouldn't have the space. One of the cars is selling levitra online already on the driveway.
If we can think of a way to charge electric cars while driving in a way that takes up less space and is less expensive, I'd be sold. But for now, it's a start.
Way higher energy consumption due to increesed drag
written by frisbee, November 15, 2010
Doesn't make much sense to me. Way more drag and thus a lower efficiency. Besides it costs a lot more money to purchase, money that could have been spend on better ways of viagra aus usa saving energy or the production of wind or solar.
Because of the trailer it's bigger and thus would contribute to the forming of traffic jams if more people would use it.

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