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OCT 27

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"I have wondered how long until the minivans got a hybrid drive. If yo..."

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This May Be the Prius Minivan

In the last few months, Toyota has announced a series of new hybrids, one of discount levitra online which will be the first expansion of their very popular Prius -- a Prius MPV.  Pictures posted on Autoblog's Italian site - and seen above -- are apparently of that larger, roomier version.

The Autoblog post says that the leaked pictures are of the Prius Verso MPV that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show.  The blog states it will use the Prius hybrid HSD platform and cialis gel have a total output of 138 hp.

As previous reports have stated, it will be able to seat seven passengers in three rows and will be the first hybrid minivan to hit the 50mg viagra retail price market.

No other details have been released, like MPGs or exact production dates.  From the pictures, well, it looks like a Prius that's a minivan.


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written by QX, October 27, 2010
The Japanese caption on the photo says "Prius Base Wagon".
written by Todd, October 28, 2010
I would say wagon not minivan, but yeah we will see what kind of numbers it offers. ps it took me 5 tries to pass the security image
Wagon, Car or Minivan?
written by John, October 30, 2010
Who cares? These vehicles are simply being marketed to people who see being green as a social status signal, unfortunately these vehicles are not green. They use more resources to manufacture as normal vehicles and the fuel savings made are not paid back over the lifetime of the car. The same or better fuel savings can be obtained with an efficient diesel engine.
A cooler electric
written by mkass, October 30, 2010
Here's an electric car I actually want. It can actually get somewhere without spending 1/2 a day recharging:
whatever it is..
written by Danielle Hudges, October 31, 2010
Whether it is a car for comfort or a car that can minimize pollution the one which is hybrid, it will always till be something for the best online levitra benefit of buy viagra next day delivery a car company. Oftentimes, they will actually of course encourage people to buy their newest car as well as the other models but keep in mind that for as long as you're comfortable with it and you don't pollute the environment you can buy it. There are just consideration that should take place.
top gear
written by JohnD, November 03, 2010
Anyone see that episode of top gear where they tested one of the older prius' against a standard car? the performance sucked haha
The van will sell
written by Preston, November 12, 2010
I have wondered how long until the minivans got a hybrid drive. If you are looking for 7 seats, there are no gas saving options. There are plenty of soccer moms who would love to drive a prius, but need a few extra seats. Even so, I agree with John....Why aren't the new generation of diesels more available in the US. I owned a 1999 Ford Mondeo wagon (the European Taurus) with a 1.9 turbo diesel and it rivaled a prius on economy and was zippier than my current Volvo V70 T5 wagon.

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